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Diarrhea should be how to prevent? How should they care?

Updated: Saturday, Apr 05,2014, 8:54:03 PM
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In the summer the best way to prevent acute diarrhea is to develop good habits, health and a reasonable diet .

1 , the acute phase of fasting : Fasting temporarily of acute watery diarrhea , intestinal complete rest. If necessary, by the intravenous infusion to prevent excessive water loss and dehydration.

2 , light liquid diet : no fasting , the incidence should be given early light liquid diet. Such as protein water, juice, soup , thin soup , etc., to salt -based. Early ban milk, sugar and other easy gas liquid diet . Some patients not suited for milk , often aggravate diarrhea after taking milk.

3 , according to the disease adjust your diet : reducing stool frequency , relief of symptoms after liquid diet to low-fat or low -fat residue, valuables digestible semi- liquid diet, such as rice gruel , arrowroot flour , rotten noodles, and other films.

4 , dietary choices : diarrhea stopped, a small residue can supply low-fat diet or semi-liquid soft food . Eat smaller meals , to facilitate digestion ; such as noodles , porridge, bread, rotten rice, meat mud. Appropriate restrictions should contain crude fiber and more fruits and vegetables , etc., and then gradually transition to a normal diet .

5 , vitamin supplements : Note vitamin B complex and vitamin C supplements , such as fresh orange juice , fruit juice, tomato juice, soup and so on.

6 , food taboos : alcohol, avoid fat , crude fiber and more rigid and vegetables, raw fruits , oils and more snacks and cold drinks and so on.


Infants less than 2 years old should pay special attention to health conditions , promotion of breastfeeding , nursing science , good bottles and tableware disinfection ;

2 , to develop good health habits , caregivers and children before meals and after wash hands thoroughly with soap

3, to ensure clean drinking water ;

4 , do not eat rotten food , raw fruits should be washed ;

5, to avoid contagious among children and so on.

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