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Diabetes calcium from dietary supplements should

Updated: Tuesday, Apr 01,2014, 7:47:42 PM
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Higher concentrations of blood glucose in patients with diabetes , excess glucose in the kidney while in the discharge of calcium filtration rate also increased , resulting in large amounts of calcium lost in the urine . According to the determination , healthy people 24 hours discharged from the urine calcium was 104 ± 20 mg, and diabetics have to discharge 195 ± 106 mg. In diabetic patients , while a large number of excretion of calcium , the bones of phosphorus, magnesium also will be lost. Low magnesium stimulate secretion of parathyroid neck , prompting the release of calcium in your bones , osteopenia , osteoporosis .

In addition , patients with diabetes in addition to glucose metabolism , as well as vitamins , calcitonin and other metabolic disorders, affect bone metabolism, trigger osteoporosis. Experts, based on bone matrix proteins , large amounts of calcium deposited on made ​​. Diabetics lack of collagen synthesis , reduce bone matrix , also increased osteoporosis. Experts advise diabetics must be vigilant osteoporosis in life to watch for symptoms such as back pain , bone mineral density was measured on a regular basis , early detection, early for treatment.

Sun to milk calcium

Diabetes calcium, the general idea from food intake as much as possible , the best way is to drink milk. Due to the high nutritional content of milk, rich in minerals , in addition to calcium, phosphorus , iron, zinc, copper , manganese, molybdenum and other elements are many . And the calcium in milk is the best source of calcium needed by the body , calcium and phosphorus ratio is very appropriate , help the body to absorb.

But for diabetics , drinking milk is a luxurious , on the choice of milk , sugar faithful should use low-fat milk or skim milk.

In addition , eggs, seafood is also high in calcium , diabetics can reasonable diet according to their preferences , reasonable calcium. In addition to the usual diabetes should pay attention to calcium in the diet , but also more than the sun , in order to promote the absorption of vitamin D synthesis and calcium. In addition, if tonic enough , it can take calcium . In addition , you can also take vitamin D, bisphosphonates , calcitonin under a doctor's guidance.

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