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Comprehensive treatment of penile cancer

Updated: Thursday, Apr 01,2010, 4:38:20 PM
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Carcinoma of the penis is not uncommon, the incidence of cancer in men accounts for a considerable proportion of the incidence of penile cancer, because the state, regional, national, ethnic, health habits and other factors, it is inconsistent. Generally low incidence of Europe and the United States, Asia, Africa and Latin America have a higher prevalence。

Penile carcinoma often begins with the penis head, prepuce, prepuce due to the growth of the early difficult to find. Papillary or flat lesions were protruding, ulcer surrounding uplift, fluid secretion odor, and can puncture the foreskin revealed cancer. Small penis cancer penis or urethra in place, may have less contact with smegma related common in coronary sulcus near the most visible area smegma stimulation. Very few violations of corpus spongiosum penis cancer and bladder. General cancer if more than 15cm, are often transferred. Flat papillary tumors are more likely than the lymph nodes. Albuginea can be invasive tumor perforation sponge, but not common, most occur in the lymph node metastasis after. 90% of penile cancer is squamous cell carcinoma. Most of the tumor was low, the survival rate has little to do with the cell level. But differentiated cancer with poor prognosis.

We can not in clinical treatment alone to solve a single problem, to be flexible to use in the treatment of various cancer treatments comprehensive treatment of this disease, as follows:

Surgical excision of early carcinoma of the penis or circumcision and pathology, margins few opportunities for future recurrence. In order to reduce recurrence, radiation therapy or topical exposure after loading brachytherapy, can also be used PYM ointment or 5-FU ointment partial coating, there is hope to cure.

Advanced penile cancer surgery, radiotherapy is not satisfactory, can be the first line of local radiotherapy after radical surgery, expected to achieve the desired effect.

Mid-penile cancer, both hope to achieve cure, but also wish to retain sexual function, the best method is the penis the primary tumor radiation therapy, surgery and bilateral groin dissection, close cooperation between the two, the best effect.

Advanced carcinoma of the penis has not surgery, younger patients may be the first palliative radiotherapy, after radiotherapy treatment with drugs, the two work closely together not only to reduce patient suffering, and prolong life, to gain a certain effect.

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