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Clinical manifestations of hyperthyroidism

Updated: Friday, Nov 13,2009, 12:00:25 PM
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In patients with clinical hyperthyroidism mainly as follows: palpitation, tachycardia, Heat intolerance, sweating, eat and thin (some people eat, but obesity), fatigue, weakness and emotional easily excited, brash, insomnia, thought is not concentrated , exophthalmos, hand trembling tongue, goiter, or enlargement, may have muscle atrophy and chronic thyrotoxic myopathy, myasthenia.

Women may have menstrual disorders or amenorrhea, men may have impotence or breast development and so on. Symmetric goiter, and some patients with non-symmetrical enlargement, goiter, or enlargement will be moved up and down with swallowing, but also part of the hyperthyroid patients have thyroid nodules. Hyperthyroidism caused when the eye changes, one is benign exophthalmos, patients exophthalmos, eye gaze or eyes showed panic; the other is malignant exophthalmos can be made by a benign exophthalmos change, often in patients with malignant exophthalmos sensitive to light, afraid of the wind, tearing, diplopia, vision loss, eye swelling, pain, tingling, there are foreign body sensation, etc., due to a high degree of eye prominence, so that the eye can not be completely closed, the conjunctiva, cornea exposure caused by congestion, edema, corneal ulceration, and even blindness. Also, some patients had no ocular symptoms of hyperthyroidism or symptoms not obvious.

None of the above is a typical clinical manifestations of hyperthyroidism, but not every risk of all clinical symptoms of hyperthyroidism have different types of hyperthyroidism, the clinical manifestations are different.

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