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Chinese medicine treatment of diabetes methods

Updated: Wednesday, Mar 05,2014, 3:07:58 PM
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Diabetes is a common disease worldwide class , method for treating diabetes is a lot of people are concerned about health issues , the Chinese tell you the best way to treat diabetes medicine !

TCM pointed out , using the control diet, recuperating emotions, comprehensive treatment approach appropriate exercise , drug treatment and so on. However, due to the situation of people on treatment of diabetes medicine less solution , perhaps because of some false advertising misleading , so that part of the traditional Chinese medicine treatment of diabetes in patients with high expectations , so give up regular treatment, actively look for God Immortality party drug , affecting the condition control , even life-threatening .

Chinese medicine treatment of diabetes methods

In medicine, the liver controlling dispersion relation of human air- lift and smooth tone , liver qi stagnation of the gas -lift lose cloth disorders, liver failure and blood sugar refined material is not lost with the clear yang qi distributed in the whole body and stagnation in the blood, high blood sugar disorder appears lose cloth or subtle substances , anti see blood sugar, and further lead to blood lipids, proteins and other microscopic substances disorder, cause other complications. Treatment of liver transfer gas main, Shun Tat liver of sex in order to restore its physiological function , liver reached, regulate the flow of qi , subtle to lose cloth , sugar and glucose is utilized natural decline .

Single herb has a thirst , restore function and insulin receptor affinity of patients, so blood sugar is fully absorbed by the role.

Agrimony : bitter, astringent, slightly warm. Utility : convergence , bleeding , blood sugar , cough and so on. Take Agrimony 50 grams of boiling water in a cup , cover and half hours, hot to take , this side effect is good for diabetic patients with diarrhea .

Digupi : sweet , light , cold. Effect : heat, cooling , diarrhea anger . Take Digupi 10 grams of water placed in the cup , wait to take. This side of sweating for people with diabetes better .

Wolfberry: sweet , flat. Utility : nourishing liver and kidney. Take 15 grams medlar , open water in a cup , wait to take. This side for diabetic patients weakness, impotence utility better.

Therefore , the treatment of diabetes disease , try the method for treating diabetes medicine , a good method works best medicine to treat diabetes.

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