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Children with congenital heart disease prevention is the key

Updated: Saturday, Mar 15,2014, 10:06:24 PM
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Be sure to do during pregnancy protection measures, otherwise it may cause children with congenital heart disease.

The first is a viral infection. Now pregnant women generally older , with busy , career pressures, people 's own resistance is weak, it is easy to cause a cold, the virus infection itself can cause fetal cardiac malformations. Cold symptoms such as pregnant women to the hospital , X-ray , fluoroscopy and other tests to make contact with the fetus virtually rays, are likely to cause heart disease, congenital malformations , and now drugs in 60% to 70% may cause fetal cardiac malformations.

Followed by the impact of diet , many pregnant women have morning sickness during pregnancy , poor appetite , we like to eat some refined foods ( such as canned food , etc. ) , and preservatives, colorings and other chemical substances contained in these foods tend to have teratogenic effects. And with the changing social environment in captivity eggs also contain a lot of hormones, there are many pregnant women easily eclipse , causing nutritional imbalance , which are likely to cause teratogenic effects on the fetal heart .

Third, the external environment , social development, as now , but we live in atmospheric pollution increasing, coupled with computers, the popularity of mobile phones , pregnant women against these modern day equipment, are likely to cause fetal cardiac teratogenic, there are some in special work , and chemical products, often dealing rays , are likely to cause fetal cardiac malformations.

Because the causes of congenital heart disease is not clear , so the lack of effective prevention methods. But do the following to reduce the incidence of congenital heart disease .

First, some virus infection in utero congenital malformations associated with congenital heart disease , such as rubella ( how to treat rubella ) virus syndrome. So during pregnancy , especially during early pregnancy is an important measure to prevent viral infection . Taking certain drugs during pregnancy can lead to heart malformations.

Second , diabetes ( how to treat diabetes ) , patients with epilepsy ( how to treat epilepsy ) and other diseases should decide to get married under the guidance of a doctor , the time of pregnancy . Lesbians should be increased before pregnancy nutrition, increasing physical activity , in order to enhance disease resistance.

Third, long-term exposure to radiation or received radiation therapy to radiation from six months after pregnancy .

Fourth, regular contact with various pesticides , chemicals women should strengthen protective measures , no or little use of tetracycline , sulfonamides , amphetamine, progesterone , estrogen , anti-convulsants ( how to treat seizures ) drugs and steroids , without hormone-containing cosmetics.

Fifth, alcoholic mother , the baby may be suffering from alcoholism syndrome, often accompanied by ventricular septal defect, patent ductus arteriosus ( how to treat patent ductus arteriosus ) , atrial septal defect , tetralogy 's quadruple psychosis , so both spouses should quit drinking .

In addition, if the parents suffered from congenital heart disease, or have had children suffering from congenital heart disease , advocate doing fetal echocardiography when pregnant again , in order to facilitate early detection of congenital heart disease in the fetus , if it is complex or difficult treatment of congenital heart disease may be considered an early abortion .

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