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Cerebral thrombosis the health-care

Updated: Friday, Jan 22,2010, 3:28:07 PM
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Emotional nursed back to health

Sentiment should be stable, always remain optimistic, open-minded, happy mood, we must guard against ecstasy, rage, Concerned, grief. Because the long-term mental stress, mood swings, it is easy neurohumoral regulatory function of the disorder, causing heart and brain blood circulation disorder induced by stroke.

Qigong Therapy

Elderly persons have a risk factor for cerebral susceptible when, without prior stroke, qigong can be taken to prevent, mainly for reference the following exercises: lift the interest rate adjustment power, stroke-guided power, sit-guided power, brain power , Shujinhuoxue Gong.


① Tuina

Hold with both hands the size of the thenar side of the head Roudong, from temples rubbed into the wind pool points, and then switch to two-handed thumb-rubbing Fengchi in order to achieve Suanzhang of degrees.

② Massage Yongquan

At night before bed, sitting, with two thumbs foot massage center, respectively Yongquan, or the right foot with the left foot with the Yongquan rub, rub with the right foot with the left foot Yongquan, the massage 50 times, massage when the only be able to rub the toe direction, not back rub.

Exercise therapy

Life is movement, movement can make a person stronger and longevity. There are many ways the movement, such as walking, jogging, tai chi, qigong and so on, according to their physical and illness, to choose their own sports, long-term adherence. Sports can promote blood circulation and reduce blood lipids, increase resistance to disease.

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