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Asthma Diagnosis and Treatment

Updated: Monday, Oct 12,2009, 3:36:38 PM
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Request predisposing causes, including inhalation of allergens or non-allergic, infection, climate changes, certain medications and foods, and emotional arousal must be done.

Paroxysmal dyspnea expiratory wheezing accompanied by the characteristic symptom. At first, patients often experience itching in the nose and throat, sneezing, runny nose and cough. Then suddenly expiratory dyspnea accompanied by a long and difficult process wheezing. Many sputum may sticky white appear loose on stage, and purulent sputum occurs after bacterial infection.  Physical symptoms include difficulty breathing, nostrils twitching, shoulders, chest, wave, extending the carotid artery, inflation of the breast, chest hyper resonant percussion, decreased cardiac border dullness, decreased breath sounds, prolonged expiration, wheezing sound in the entire chest (shown above in the expiratory phase) for the inspiratory time at worst. If it gets worse, breathing becomes more difficult, but reduced the wheezing sounds.

Displaying high total leukocytes and neutrophils in peripheral blood, if complicated by infection, high eosinophils, crystals of Charcot-Leyden protein through the membrane of eosinophils in sputum are formed, and the large number of serum IgE and IgG antibodies in exogenous asthma.
 Senstinogen inhalant skin test and challenge test can be used to detect senstinogen.   As agents evaluated for the elimination phase of attack, the medical authority at this stage of pathogens, such as symptomatic treatment. Treatment should focus on eliminating these factors, and resolve phlegm. Cold phlegm must be heated, so determined to Lung Qi, while the warm mud must be clarified and resolved in less lung qi. Since the body resistance is weakened in the process of approval, the treatment should reflect the principle of increasing the resistance of the organism as a causal therapy. Case of Yang deficiency should be treated with stimulant treatment, while those with yin deficiency treated food. After inclusion of the viscera, methods of feeding the lungs, spleen or enhance the ability of kidneys to apply accordingly.


Head of events: dyspnea, respiratory distress usually cold, white sputum, a fine and clear, the choking sensation in the chest, dark skin and blue-induced, not hunger, thirst with preference for hot drinks, cold extremities, aversion to cold tendency, prevalent in cold weather or cold after the attack, a pale tongue with white coating and smooth, and pulse and nervous tension.

Therapeutic Methods: To warm the lungs dispel cold, loosen phlegm and relieve asthma.

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