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4 major elements hypertension diet

Updated: Sunday, Mar 16,2014, 9:43:14 PM
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Hypertension eating arrangements should be smaller meals , avoid fullness ; hypertensive patients often more obese , have to eat low-calorie foods, the total calories should be controlled at about 8 36 megajoules a day, every day staple 150-250 grams of animal protein and . vegetable protein accounting for 50 %. Not associated with kidney disease in patients with hypertension or gout can eat soy, peanuts, black fungus or fungus and fruit.

Hypertension eating a low-salt

The amount of salt per person per day should be strictly controlled at 2-5 grams , or about a teaspoon . Cooking should be subtracted from the amount of salt contained sodium soy sauce , soy sauce, 3 ml equivalent to 1 gram of salt . Ham ( sauce ) vegetables, bean curd , bacon ( eggs ) , pickled products, shellfish, clams , shrimp, egg, and Chinese Chrysanthemum , grass , spinach and other vegetables are high sodium , should try to eat or not eat.

Hypertension diet two , potassium

Potassium-rich foods into the body can fight boost and vascular injury caused by sodium , recipes can often " show up ." Such foods include beans , mushrooms , dates , almonds, walnuts , peanuts , potatoes , bamboo shoots, lean meat , fish, poultry , root vegetables such as amaranth , rape and green onions and other fruits such as bananas , dates, peaches, oranges and so on. No matter what kind of fish for patients with hypertension , the fish is preferred , because epidemiological survey found that eating fish once per week than those who do not eat fish , heart disease mortality was significantly lower .

Hypertension diet three , fruit and vegetable

The body needs daily B vitamins, vitamin C, you can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to meet . Some advocate eating 1-2 apples a day , wholesome, fruit can also supplement calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium. Hypertensive patients taking calcium someone makes one gram of calcium a day, eight weeks after the discovery of blood pressure drop. So should eat more calcium-rich foods , such as soybeans, sunflower seeds , walnuts , milk , peanuts , fish , dates, fresh mustard greens , garlic , seaweed and so on.

Hypertension diet IV iron

The study found that elderly patients with hypertension than normal plasma iron , so eat peas, fungus and other iron-rich foods , not only can lower blood pressure , but also the prevention of anemia in the elderly .

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