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pre-pregnancy psychological preparation

Updated: Saturday, Nov 14,2009, 5:30:21 PM
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● Pre-pregnancy psychological preparation

1. In the feelings of joy, not a state of depression and trouble to carry out the mission entrusted pregnancy intercourse.

2. The husband should pay attention to and to allow his wife to reach orgasm, it is wise to have a healthy child is essential.

● mentally prepared for pregnancy

1. To learn and master some information about pregnancy, childbirth and the fetus in the intrauterine growth and development of the birth of knowledge, so that the body can be in the face of a flood of all the changes, the correct treatment, in peace, to avoid unnecessary tension and panic. Good physical and mental adjustment in the pre-pregnancy state, to make full pregnancy psychologically prepared to actively control the occurrence of anxiety disorders.

2. Establish a health boys and girls are the same as a new concept. For this point, is not only a mother I have a correct understanding of, and should become the consensus of all members of the family to relieve the worries of pregnant women. Especially in rural areas, faced with the pressure of social prejudice, even if there is no direct pressure from the family, women may consciously or unconsciously, fear for the child's sex. With such concerns, the psychological burden of pre-pregnancy will not be small, this is eugenics certainly negative. If we can Yousheng boys and girls are thinking the same preparation, no longer thinking of the burden of eugenics are lot of good.

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