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Types of tubal blockage

Updated: Saturday, Nov 14,2009, 5:44:13 PM
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Tubal blockage 1: tubal adhesions unreasonable


Adhesions blocked fallopian tube has a light weight, adhesion is divided into three degrees, rely on the Department of tubal adhesions is a time: tubal and cornual junction adhesion for the second time; fallopian tubes mouth pot Department and the umbrella for the three adhesion. Whether single or pairs of the plans, that part of adhesion, the majority of people due to excessive inflammation after abortion, splashing Lek been a few days, or suffering from chronic pelvic inflammatory disease: endometritis, annex inflammation, there is no timely treatment, over time, inflammation, infection ulceration of the tube wall and subsequently by the treatment of inflammatory anti-inflammatory, fallopian tubes also stick together, and the majority of people come through the two days before the swelling breast pain in patients with prolactin Ge, Chinese medicine called "blood does not transfer," there will be milk, menstrual symptoms disappeared after the arrival, long-term patients with tubal adhesions, just like the next tie. No symptoms at all reaction after the treatment by cooling blood, Shugan transfer gas main, after prior to the blood circulation, temperature of the main drugs for external use on the 1st hot compress.

Tubal blockage 2: fallopian tube due to inflammation of unreasonable

Fallopian tube due to inflammation unreasonable, because blood does not transfer more than blood heat caused by swelling unreasonable blocked fallopian tubes, most people suffering from swelling of the uterus, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, accessories inflammation, menstruation in advance, or after pouring Lek, former constant severely ill patient, a two months, menstruation, menstrual blood clots as a black with blood heat, blood yellow for hot and humid, light leakage of blood fat Xure the passage of time in less inflammation, in which symptoms the next, that is, excessive pre-tubal adhesions. Red blood on the individual patient, there will be inverted by the former through the "nosebleeds." Usually like pins and needles on both sides of the same Citeng Xiao Du, Q HSG uneven thickness; uterus increases, while the poor pass-pass liquid. In these pathological cases, most likely to suffer from an ectopic pregnancy, blood, anti-sperm antibodies, anti-endometrial antibodies, anti-arched antibody treatment based upon anti-inflammatory after cooling blood and heat to stop bleeding, to through to blood circulation, Huayu Qing mainly, on the 2nd hot compress for external use medicine.

Tubal blockage 3: tubal distortion of unreasonable

Unreasonable blocked fallopian tube distortion more due to poor health, qi deficiency, blood deficiency, spleen deficiency, kidney deficiency, four virtual blend disease caused by tubal motility dysfunction. Walk less than intrauterine follicle, and mature follicles will disappear, and few people will be shifted out of view of the uterus, uterine prolapse, vaginal blowing, ovulation bleeding: sexual desire is low, come upon a small, menstrual irregularities, serious Without a solid foundation because of the blood in patients with qi deficiency, coupled with excessive inflammation occurs menorrhagia, a long time are likely to suffer from anemia, in this pathological case, that is, three months before pregnancy, child-hsiang will be automatically stops growing . This has resulted in habitual abortion, in serious cases up to five or six tire does not care for, and another patient became pregnant, due to large response, inflammation, weight, nutrition can not keep up to six or seven months, the water appeared itch less , or turbidity, afterbirth Pu, especially pregnant with a male fetus, fetal movement product number, afterbirth is easy to rupture, which resulted in the consequences of premature birth. Note: "and the sperm deformity due to genetic cause of miscarriage and premature birth, except" treatment to nourishing, qi, spleen, kidney, cooling blood, harmonic balance between yin and yang in order to achieve the purpose of cure.

Recommendation: 4 virtual blend patients, do not rush to pregnancy, miscarriage, should be nursed back to health before pregnancy should first physically, then pregnant, pregnancy, just after the reaction to the emergence of Chinese medicine it rule on the suit continues, as long as the eat drink, medicine fill numerous rice supplement, nutritional adequacy, to be lying, that is, to go dancing or to pull carts Ganhuo the problem is not large, still born son.

Tubal blockage 4: oviduct by the fat, fibroids, cyst plug extrusion

Tube by the fat, fibroids, cyst plug extrusion, multi-body obesity due to fat too much blood out of adjustment, hot and humid phase resistance, lung, spleen, kidney function steaming is not complete, phlegm into the blood, endocrine disorders , menstruation less, or amenorrhea, treatment with blood circulation, stasis, phlegm, Sanjie mainly fibroids, cyst of more than 4X6cm shall surgery. See Italy, due to fat, fibroids infertility patients, usually do not eat animal fat, less meat food, do not eat spicy, sweet, salty rice, eat more fruits and seafood, vegetables, dietary restraint and strengthen physical exercise.

Tubal blockage 5: tubal fluid unreasonable because

Unreasonable due to blocked fallopian tubes fluid, multi-focal because of the heat, the next focus Deficiency; Yang down, Yin Sheng, renal function can not be steaming, yin-yang proposition l into a wet and dirty, pelvic fluid retention, blood can not be smooth, most periods care, the usually cool Xiaodu hair to fall Xiaodu menstruation pain, menstrual blood and a stick of black, damp, overweight patients, it will fall Lanrou-like objects. Leucorrhea usually yellow, and Hsin-stink, the lower part of itching, a long time the majority of people with cervical erosion, the severity of a range of serious pelvic inflammatory disease patients, can cause fever, mouth fluid lingers umbrella HSG, tubal-pass water Xiaodu both sides of the inflation pain. And have returned with blood, barely liquid can enter the abdominal cavity, that is, when you pass water, fluid was squeezed into the abdominal cavity, unreasonable water, after pelvic fluid back up into the fallopian tube, blood, anti - endometrial antibodies, anti-multi-arched antibodies. But the three antibodies were all negative, tubal fluid does not make sense is also not uncommon. After treatment by heat, dampness, dewatering mainly through prior to the blood circulation, dampness, strengthening spleen, the main benefit of water, heat or medicine for external use on the 3rd.

Tubal blockage 6: Tubal unreasonable due to air resistance

Fallopian tube due to air resistance barriers and the many social Yuan Qi, the gas down, liver and spleen disorders, blood can not be fluent, usually nausea and vomiting, Xiao Du is always swollen, stool 1000 knot, suffering from the disease and the general shape slim, Most people introverted good Shengmen Qi, HSG or tubal-pass water flow. Both men and women checks, laboratory tests all aspects of all normal fertility is not pregnant, doctors called "unexplained infertility." This is strange to do tubal air resistance, treatment with nourishing complement the vitality and Shugan, spleen profit gas in order to achieve the purpose of cure.

In addition, tubal infertility gas block, and small-What kind of serious illness. Are mainly married, not pregnant due to various reasons, in this case, can not help it will be a variety of factors external and internal pressures, so that thoughts and feelings are always in a state of high tension, which resulted in gas block fallopian tubes, uterus The twin, pituitary disorders do not ovulate, years of infertility adopt a child if a child is no longer mention birth to this thing, so that external pressures have been within the liberation of brain completely relaxed, and no two pregnant naturally . Therefore, the infertility patients in the course of treatment is also thought to relax a pair of the best cure.

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