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The four major routes of transmission of syphilis

Updated: Tuesday, Nov 10,2009, 4:13:41 PM
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Syphilis is the only source of infection, transmission channels have the following four categories:

(1) direct sexual contact: About 95-98% of syphilis patients are infected in this way on. Syphilis, genital area outside the patient's skin and mucous membrane lesions over there, lesions of the ulcer surface and exudation of a large number of Treponema pallidum. The study found that Treponema pallidum on human skin and mucous membranes have affinity can penetrate normal skin and mucous membranes. Syphilis lesions on the genitals is pointless, without prejudice to sexual intercourse, if the patient continues to have sex with other healthy people, the latter can easily be infected with syphilis. In addition, sexual intercourse, genitalia, extreme hyperemia, and mutual friction, the number of skin and mucous membranes may cause slight abrasions, more invasion of Treponema pallidum has created favorable conditions. Kissing, homosexuality, oral-genital contact, hand-genital contact with a category of sexually transmitted syphilis can also damage can occur in the lips, anus, tongue, throat, fingers and other parts.

(2) Indirect transmission: the syphilis patients who live together, you can come into contact with the patient used underwear, underwear, bedding, towels, razors, towels, bath tub, toilet, etc., as these appliances may be contaminated with the patient the damage at discharge Treponema pallidum, resulting in infection.


(3) Congenital Syphilis: the women suffering from syphilis without treatment, pregnant mother's body Treponema pallidum into the fetal blood circulation through the body, so that the fetus infected with syphilis.

(4) blood-borne transmission: If the blood donor in patients with latent syphilis, he (she) may be provided by the blood with Treponema pallidum. Once the input into the recipient's body can produce infection, so patients do not produce a performance of syphilis, while the direct symptoms of syphilis occurs 2. So, for blood donor screening tests for syphilis serological examination is very important.

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