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Syphilis caused by balanitis

Updated: Tuesday, Nov 10,2009, 4:37:40 PM
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Men outside of the foreskin covering the glans, with the protection function of the inner foreskin mucosa can secrete lubricating fluid to enable the foreskin and the glans foreskin is unlikely to dry, once the foreskin itself has a problem, in addition to the foreskin may also be affected outside the glans, resulting in acute or glans of the foreskin of chronic problems, the most common inflammation of the glans is the foreskin.

Penis: The main function is urinating, behind semen and sexual intercourse is a sexual organ, penis skin, thin skin under the fat-free, with activities and extended nature of the penis can be attached to the blood sinusoid.

As the name suggests, "balanitis" refers to the foreskin, glans inflammation occurs, causing inflammation of the reasons why different age, for example, infants and young children more than balanoposthitis the gas-tight because of the diaper package, or caused by fecal contamination, mainly is the urine, fecal bacteria release, coupled with high temperature, hot and humid and the vast majority of infants the foreskin is too long, bacteria, urine, smegma, the foreskin is too long under the action of these three makes the foreskin glans produce red swelling, heat pain.

In addition to the adult part of the foreskin balanitis with phimosis related, the unclean sexual intercourse, exposure to certain chemical substances and trauma are also important factors. In short, smegma, urine stimulus, certain chemical substances, clothing, contact and friction and trauma constitute balanoposthitis important factor.

Balanitis can be roughly divided into traumatic, contact, drug-induced and infection of four major categories, in terms of the trauma, mostly because of injury reach, zipper clip that injured during intercourse, the foreskin may be quite this time redness, pain, if it is due to parasite infection penis and scratches, it will merge the feeling of itching, inflammation of the foreskin contact was mainly occurred in the use of topical antiseptic or ointment classes of drugs caused.

Drug Balanitis caused by there are often itching, burning sensation, and the site of infection not lead to infection balanoposthitis such a big area, but was a single or a small piece of a very superficial abrasions similar, and the boundaries clear The most important thing is to have first taken some kind of drug, the most common cause of this inflammation is tetracycline.

Syphilis also can cause balanitis, but usually only after the formation of the chancre appears on the glans penis and the glans penis white surface of the integration will show edema, it is with the general infection balanoposthitis, the entire glans showed swelling, smell and secretions are not the same, if suspected to be caused by Treponema pallidum, can be used for blood tests check for you and syphilis sero-agglutination test for syphilis or a general difference is that bacteria or other infectious balanitis.

Children and adults caused by the foreskin balanitis cause of course different, but the principle of preventive health care is the same as on weekdays should be worn over loose trousers, to keep local cleanliness and hygiene, the foreskin is too long children should be when the foreskin in the shower turn, Back then smegma removed, the foreskin and the glans is also applied gently rinse with water encountered repeated sexual glans foreskin infection should be considered to accept circumcision.

Adults should avoid sexual intercourse dirty, inappropriate sexual behavior, in case of allergies, especially tetracycline, or certain sulfa drugs, may cause allergic balanoposthitis when a doctor should be informed in advance, a little skin, there is no take good care may lead to endless trouble, inflammation is not difficult to treat, correct perception of a good preventive care and early ready for medical treatment, can the bird is not a fever, life was carefree.

In short, the differentiation and development of the penis thanks to the body testosterone levels, if the first 6-9 months of pregnancy, lack of testosterone secretion, normal growth rate of the penis, the penis will be smaller at birth.

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