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Prevention of infertility

Updated: Thursday, Nov 19,2009, 2:44:56 PM
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1, popularize scientific and technological health knowledge, master conception reason. With the progress of medicine, knowledge of sexual shame is no longer a matter of mystery. It should be widely publicized so as to understand the knowledge, to reduce the incidence of the disease, in particular, to reduce the sex organs in the occurrence of diseases, in order to create favorable conditions for pregnancy.

2, the sick as early as governance, prevention first. Have been introduced in front of a lot of diseases can cause infertility if these diseases can be early detection and early treatment thoroughly, it will not develop into infertility. Such as pelvic inflammatory disease, in the acute phase, such as to get a thorough treatment can not become chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease in time if a serious and thorough treatment, would not necessarily result in fallopian tube block-up, will not result in infertility. Another example males are often suffering from mumps can cause orchitis, if early treatment, pay attention to rest, to avoid the occurrence of testicular inflammation, it will not affect the occurrence of sperm is conducive to conception.

3, reducing surgery, attention first child birth. Some of unclean because of surgery, or postoperative conditioning will inadvertently cause infection, fever, resulting in salpingitis, endometritis, or the formation of inflammatory masses annex an extent which rendered infertility. Some infertility patients Zengyin curettage, flow, or other surgical removal of cervical polyps, which leads to irregular menstruation, or intrauterine adhesions and so on, these patients will affect the birth certificate. Reduction surgery, attention to the first child of people, the prevention of infertility there is a positive meaning.

4, cheerful mood and reduce stress. Married couples having children is a life of hope, but hope the child is often too eager, but will not be pregnant. Especially the elderly or pregnant and those who are not married for several years more nervous feelings, thereby interfering with neuroendocrine function.

5, pay attention to self-protection, reducing the incidence of infertility. Some people engaged in some special work, such as radiation exposure, certain toxic substances, engaging in high-temperature work, etc., shall be in accordance with the provisions of labor protection regulations, take serious steps to protect themselves, so that the factors of infertility reduced to a minimum.

6, nurture the seeds should be aware of poly-fine way. Restraint sex life is conducive to seed in the prevention of infertility is extremely important.

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