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Postpartum depression psychological care

Updated: Monday, Dec 07,2009, 11:30:42 AM
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Childbirth and breast-feeding is a normal human physiological phenomena, the newly maternal stress is a factor, because the social role of the entirely changed; on their cognition and behavior have an impact, easy to go beyond the normal boundaries caused by pathological changes, of which production occurred in the post-natal depression and mother of the most common, thus directly affecting the breast-feeding.

1. Incentive of maternal depression:

① physiological factors: women from pregnancy to childbirth, in vivo hormone levels vary greatly, some scholars believe that the occurrence of postpartum depression may be related to estrogen and progesterone changes related to maternal health status of my depression during pregnancy has produced a great impact.

② psychological factors: the role of mothers in patients with a lack of recognition of their role as mothers create conflict and maladjustment, can not overcome the pressure of motherhood and work, some pregnant women because of the impact of feudal tradition, due to undue mental girl pressure.

③ social factors: modern society's "nuclear family" More and more, can help relatives at home is extremely limited, maternal care of the children who generate anxiety, some mothers due to give birth may lose employment opportunities, reducing the source of household economy, the economic needs of the mother's depression is often caused by production.

2. The impact of maternal depression on breast-feeding:

Lactation process is a complex and a variety of endocrine hormone involved in the physiological process of prolactin in lactation starting and maintaining milk secretion play an important role, frequent sucking the nipple and breast emptying is also an important factor. Mother of depression produced a significant result of neuroendocrine changes, affecting the secretion of milk at the same time due to depression, fatigue, poor sleep, diet, since that lack of milk secretion is not active as early as sucking, on-demand breast-feeding affect the baby sucking the nipple frequency and breast emptying, caused by the initial time of lactation delays, insufficient milk secretion.

3. Master production of depression psychological care: postpartum depression is a non-psychotic depression syndrome, generally do not need drug treatment, in order to protect the safety of products through the postpartum mother to carry out effective breastfeeding, must be produced depression Mother psychological care.

① create a quiet, comfortable environment: maternal experience of the pains of childbirth, physical and energy consumption of large, post-partum the need for adequate sleep and rest; should enhance the efficiency of care, treatment, care and time should be grouped together to reduce unnecessary disruption, to accompany the implementation of the system, especially the friends and family to visit. Excessive sleepy mother produced a direct impact on mood, post-partum mother is producing the most unstable state of mind of the period, a variety of mental stimulus irritability, especially sensitive issues, such as the baby's sex, parent-type production to resume, the kids will increase economic burden, and should be avoided as much as possible.

② to help identify the mother of maternal role, do a good job of breastfeeding in the church: first-time mothers on how to feed their children well, how to properly understand their behavior and temperament, is often very difficult, when the mother should take the initiative and productivity exchange, listen to their thoughts and feelings, showing empathy, active concern to them, to encourage their active ridge-efficient way to exercise, maintain a happy mood, the church of their care and children's general knowledge and skills to remove the mother from the middle class mentality that the incompetent, using the mother roles, care, love, touch the baby, with them in their emotional interaction, breastfeeding and timely guidance about the benefits of breastfeeding, breastfeeding mothers to play and to encourage interaction between the effects.

③ fight for a good family atmosphere: a good family atmosphere, conducive to the acquisition of the role of family members are conducive to the establishment of a variety of kinship relations, family members should not only concern in life, caring mother produced, but also compassionate, listen to their talk to help solve practical problems, to build confidence from the psychological and eliminate boredom mood, feeling his position in society, in the eyes of the family and family status. Whether exclusive breastfeeding for four months postpartum, whether to insist on breastfeeding is the key, which needs the help and supervision of the family run into problems, should discuss it together an effective response measures.

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