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How to diagnose gestational diabetes mellitus

Updated: Monday, Nov 23,2009, 2:48:37 PM
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Diabetes before pregnancy refers to pregnancy, diabetes, or diabetes with pregnancy; while pregnant women had not found diabetes only occurs during pregnancy is called gestational diabetes, diabetes, prostitutes pregnant in the latter part of the placenta against a variety of insulin secretion hormones, such as placental lactogen, estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, etc., and the insulin receptor on the target cells, reduced the relative lack of insulin caused by diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance. Pregnancy, gestational diabetes accounts for about 1% to 2%, most can return to normal after delivery, of which 20% ~ 30%, can be 2 to 8 years after the permanent diabetes mellitus.

Gestational diabetes so susceptible to complications in the mother and fetus, and a high mortality, should be a reasonable treatment of timely detection. Gestational diabetes usually asymptomatic, oral glucose tolerance test to be done. Where a family history of diabetes, history of macrosomia, miscarriage, abortion, fetal malformation and a history of stillbirth, there is a positive urine sugar, infertility history, there are pregnancy complications, pregnant women's obesity, in pregnancy should be done after 24 weeks oral glucose tolerance. American Diabetes Association recommends 24 to 28 weeks for each pregnancy, pregnant women are screened for glucose tolerance test, or oral administration of 50 grams of glucose, 1 hour after oral glucose test blood sugar, such as blood glucose less than 7.8 mmol / l (140 mg / min l), except for gestational diabetes may be, if equal to or greater than 7.8 mmol / l (140 mg / dl), to be done to the oral glucose tolerance test confirmed.

Basis for the diagnosis of gestational diabetes mellitus: Where have "more than three a little" symptoms, fasting plasma glucose "6.7 mmol / l (120 mg / dl) can be diagnosed diabetes. 75 g oral glucose tolerance test results and other people the same as diabetes. 100 g oral glucose tolerance test results, according to the National Diabetes Data Group diagnostic criteria validated O'Su11ivan: fasting plasma glucose ≥ 5.8 mmol / l (105 mg / dl), 1 hour glucose ≥ 10.6 mmol / l (19O mg / dl), 2 hour plasma glucose ≥ 9.2 mmol / l (165 mg / dl), 3-hour plasma glucose ≥ 8.1 mmol / l (145 mg / dl), which can have two or more than two diagnosis of gestational diabetes mellitus.

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