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How the treatment of infertility patients

Updated: Thursday, Nov 19,2009, 3:02:40 PM
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1, the two sides overhaul

① a long marriage, infertility, made after both sides made a comprehensive examination to determine the cause, the sick place. For example: ovulation disorder, to monitor follicular development state, no advantage of mature follicle, endometriosis, tubal obstruction, antibodies and so on.

2, do not do blind forces of test-tube baby

② remind sufferers, do not shoulder head, passion, speed and in the pursuit of fashion to do test-tube baby, he extends only to adapt to specific dysfunction, congenital tubal obstruction and other natural state or after drug therapy failed to become pregnant. In addition, the test-tube baby costly; the success rate is low; light baby; susceptible to brain herniation syndrome, as well as negative phenomena such as mental retardation.

3, Chinese medicine treatment of infertility there is a unique and strong points

③ Please do not forget to find experts in traditional Chinese medicine its governance, in a long history of Chinese medicine for thousands of years without any pay for the role of drug, medication can become pregnant during. "Seed must first Tiaojing", Chinese medicine transfer, ovulation induction, Tung fallopian tubes, treat endometriosis, endocrine disorders, infertility effect is indeed significant, affordable, and infant health.

4, to overcome the psychological barrier, regulating negative emotions

④ fertility is not only the reproductive part of the various physical barriers caused by, according to clinical observation, mental depression, mental load, emotional upset can not be peace Television and therefore I should be "means to the security of the" good mood is particularly important.

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