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Female infertility the check-up?

Updated: Thursday, Nov 19,2009, 2:59:25 PM
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For female infertility check what project? Female friends can do so being prepared in advance to find out.

(1) Female infertility examinations - In addition to medical check-up system check, it also should do in the reproductive system checks. In addition to the general visual examination, palpation, they also do so within a vaginal speculum examination and consultation (double or triple co-consultation clinic), a preliminary understanding of the vagina, uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes, ovaries and pelvic the general situation, such as the uterus the size, location is normal, fallopian tubes, uterus and ovaries for lumps, tenderness, uterine pain, whether flattering, and accessories for the activities and so on.

(2) Female infertility examinations - to speculate whether the ovulation and prediction of ovulation: basal body temperature can be measured, and cervical mucus examination or hormones measured in order to judge.

(3) Female infertility examinations - endometrial check: the time necessary to understand the endometrium by biopsy functional status, but also by the entry examination is to understand whether the ovulation or luteal function in a reliable way, at the same time can also be about the size of the uterine cavity to exclude uterine lesions, such as tuberculosis, uterine fibroids and so on.

(4) Female infertility examinations - Determination of endocrine function: for example, at different times in the menstrual cycle, so serum estrogen and progesterone levels measured in order to understand the situation of ovarian function; determination of basal metabolic rate in order to understand thyroid function; for adrenal function examination and determination of serum prolactin and so on.

(5) Female infertility examinations - tubal patency examination: including ventilation or pass oviduct fluid examination and hysterosalpingography, mainly aimed at understanding whether or not tubal patency, as well as development of the uterus is normal fallopian tubes, with or without malformations. For tubal patency who owed (such as mild adhesions) both therapeutic effects.

(6) Female infertility examinations - immunological tests: To understand whether the existence of anti-sperm antibodies, other than the determination of anti-sperm antibodies, but also through sexual intercourse after the test, the indirect in vitro sperm penetration testing of understanding.

(7) Female infertility examinations - brain Department (sella Division) X-ray examination: To understand whether pituitary tumors or other lesions.

(8) Female infertility examinations - chromosome: There are a number of infertility and the body of anti-sperm antibodies related, and sometimes need to carry out the immunological tests.

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