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Diabetic pregnant woman preparations

Updated: Monday, Nov 23,2009, 2:53:38 PM
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Female sufferers to control blood sugar in addition to a good pre-pregnancy, but also attach importance to complications of treatment. To maintain good blood sugar so that no further development of the complications is the most important. In the hypoglycemic treatment supplemented by other appropriate treatment can reduce urinary protein in control kidney development, but also can become to restore the initial fundus.

The incidence of type 2 diabetes with lifestyle, body weight, eating the relationship between the law and others have. The sufferers are now body mass index, "we should lose weight. Now requires women's body mass index of less than 23 is better. There are lipids, blood pressure and other related indicators should be comprehensive treatment compliance, which is pre-pregnancy should be well prepared.

pointed out that the body of overweight and obesity often leads to insulin resistance. This case, the strict diet can be considered on the basis of insulin and oral medication. Such as metformin, insulin-sensitizing agent to help lower blood sugar. However, if you decide to pregnancy.'s Best to use insulin therapy can be carried out intensive therapy (more than 4 times a day insulin injections). Of course, pregnancy can not be applied after the oral hypoglycemic drugs, can only use insulin.

Regular monitoring of blood glucose is necessary, even after pregnancy to strictly. Endocrine environment during pregnancy is a special period of time, need to change with the pregnancy, changes in blood glucose to adjust the insulin dose, especially mid-and late pregnancy, insulin dosage should be gradually increased. Regular blood glucose monitoring and insulin treatment is the precise control of blood sugar a good guarantee.

Will add to complications of pregnancy do? Mothers are at risk?

Dr Chan solemnly pointed out that if there is no strict blood glucose monitoring and control, pregnancy, diabetes, the disease will increase. People know that the original of pregnant women without diabetes, will appear during pregnancy gestational diabetes, not to mention there have been complications in patients with diabetes do? Above the sufferers had been in the eye and kidney complications in an early stage. If strict control of blood sugar and maintain the general complications are not aggravated. Of course, during pregnancy, but also to frequent complications of inspection.

Sufferers should carry out adequate psychological preparation, determined to adhere to blood glucose control compliance. Glycemic control adversely affect the fetus's health. If the child born is a great son, the future may also become diabetic, it is very regrettable.

Postpartum should continue to monitor the treatment of diabetes. Although the post-partum body against the decline in hormone levels of insulin, blood sugar will be reduced, but it can not relax, should insist on control, to avoid complications develop. Some older mothers, combined with diabetes, during pregnancy, obstetric examination of the indicators needed to be more demanding that he be more careful, need to be hospitalized for observation early on production, because it is more susceptible to a variety of obstetric gestational diabetes, the critical disorder. Now women have to go to work, after the extension of child-bearing age, maternal age, more and more complicated with diabetes, high blood pressure in pregnant women has also increased. This has become very common social phenomenon.

As the pressure of modern women's work and life, tiredness, irregular life, pregnancy, age increased, making three high (high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high body weight) phenomena are common in pregnant women. Adhere to the indicators for monitoring and control to prevent pregnancy hazards approach. Now, diabetes screening has become a routine prenatal examination items Obstetrics and Gynecology. Soon as possible to identify the problems can be taken to deal with targeted measures to ensure the safety of pregnant women.

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