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Common uterus abnormal

Updated: Monday, Nov 16,2009, 12:23:24 PM
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⑴ uterine malformation

        About all women's 1 / 300. Is divided into locking and non locking of two categories. Atresia of the uterus due to uterine malformation mouth closed, menstrual cramps, when blood can not drain, and therefore cyclical lower abdominal pain, often found in pre-marital Ji Bei. Non-latching uterine abnormalities more difficult to detect, some people may have been due to resume normal birth without the knowledge. Common uterine malformations are summarized as follows:

Congenital absence of uterus: that is born has no womb, often at the same time there is congenital absence of vagina deformity. But the ovary may be normal development, they can have a normal secondary sexual characteristics, such as breast uplift, sound smaller, the distribution of pubic hair was inverted triangle, but there is no uterus, so there is no menstrual cramps, unable to bear children.

With double uterus: embryonic development, when both sides are not Mullerian fusion, each developed into a uterus, each of which has a vagina (that is, with double uterus and double vagina), but can also be only a vagina, but there are two cervical, or double-angle double-neck uterus.

Dual-angle single-neck uterus: the equivalent of half of the uterus, fallopian tubes and uterus on the other side there is no angle, only one fallopian tubes and ovaries, the majority of low fertility, a few may be pregnant, but prone to miscarriage and the emergence of obstetric complications.

Incomplete septum uterus: a uterus, part of the uterine septum has been divided into two parts.

Septum uterus: uterine cavity has been in the compartment into two.

Saddle-shaped uterus: the uterus at the end of depression, both sides of the protruding characters like a saddle, so termed.

Double uterus, uterine septum, saddle-shaped uterine abnormalities in the womb account for the largest proportion of patients show no symptoms, often because of recurrent miscarriage, premature birth, infertility Across Hysterosalpingography found. These types of deformities little effect on the pregnancy, but decreased uterine size, uterine cavity is small, poor circulation, is not conducive to embryonic development, easily goes into premature labor, abortion and other obstetric complications. Double uterus malformation after surgery the patient is about 70% of pregnancies, and some can be a normal birth.

⑵ uterine dysplasia

Primordial uterus: the uterus is very small, only 1 ~ 3 cm long, such as beans large, in most cases not the uterine cavity, no menstrual cramps, unable to bear children.

Solid uterus: the uterus and normal uterine shape similar to, but smaller than normal, there is no cavity, so there is no menstruation, unable to bear children.

Infantile uterus: uterine size and shape, such as infants or prepubertal uterus and smaller, the cervix is relatively long, Palace and cervical length ratio is about 1:2, with menstruation, but more irregular menstruation, difficult pregnancy, after treatment after pregnancy hope. Mild dysplasia had been treated in the pregnancy rate by 30%, moderate and severe, only about 15%.

⑶ abnormal position of the uterus

After the bend over backward uterus: the uterus backward mild retroflexion in general does not affect the pregnancy, the uterus and severe backward bend to obstruct the sperm into the uterine cavity caused by infertility. The adoption of appropriate sexual intercourse position will be corrected. After the bend backward slightly, could the woman's waist in the same room when a pillow pad, severe backward persons, the woman prone position can be used.

Excessive uterine forward flexion: normal position is forward flexion of the uterus, excessive forward flexion of the uterus itself is often combined dysplasia, which could easily lead to infertility.

Uterine prolapse: uterine prolapse caused by sexual intercourse difficult, and often combined cervical inflammation, easily lead to infertility.

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