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Common after-effects of abortion

Updated: Thursday, Nov 19,2009, 2:41:50 PM
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Although abortion is a gynecological ringworm scabies of the disease, can be Do not be taken lightly. If disposed of improperly, troubles, risk more will come soon, infertility is one of them. Post-abortion causes infertility, mainly tubal non-patency, or intrauterine adhesions and endometriosis, luteal dysfunction, ovulation disorder, also seen from time to time.

First of all, no formal action is one of the reasons, surgical sterilization is not strict, sterile concept is not strong, may lead to postoperative endometritis, salpingitis, pelvic inflammatory disease and ultimately the formation of abnormal fallopian tube patency (block or pass the less smooth ), adhesions around the fallopian tube.

Secondly, multiple curettage, curettage time interval is too short not to restore the endometrial thinning. Re-suction curettage cavity, it is easy too deep endometrial injury, or even injured basal layer, uterine myometrium, swept away most of endometrium to nurture embryos into a uterine cavity deserted desert. Followed by, post-traumatic surface bonding with each other, resulting in the uterine cavity adhesion syndrome, so that can not be Yunluan implantation.

In addition, the surgeon held by the suction tube and out of cavity pressure control, when properly, so that with the blood shed endometrial back into the abdominal cavity through the fallopian tubes in the abdominal cavity to establish a new base camp took place endometriosis, ectopic uterus membrane so that localized fibrous tissue proliferation, adhesion, affecting tubal transport a fertilized egg, and prevent follicular development, inhibit ovulation, affecting luteal function and so on, and thus interfere with conception.

Some women in the abortion before and after a break not pay attention, so that the ability to resist disease, significantly decreased; some people pay attention to genital hygiene, or after early (within one month) for sex life, these factors can be caused by inflammation of the reproductive system, etc., thus affecting fertility.

It can be seen from the women do not lose sight of contraception, must not abortion as a regular means of termination of pregnancy. Once the need for abortion, we must go to regular hospital for treatment, absolutely can not come to a private doctor or a quack's office in order to avoid laying the seeds. Patients should pay attention to rest and reproductive health. In this way, in order to reduce the incidence of infertility after abortion.

But you should not be too discouraged, there are currently operating under a hysteroscope technology, diagnosis and treatment of tubal obstruction and a good way of intrauterine adhesions. Even endometriosis, luteal dysfunction, and so on, drugs or surgery are also very effective. I hope you go to regular hospitals as soon as possible an in-depth examination, a clear cause of post-targeted therapies, the early resumption of fertility.

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