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Cervicitis caused by infertility

Updated: Monday, Nov 16,2009, 12:08:28 PM
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Chronic cervicitis is a common disease in gynecology, frequently-occurring disease, more than half of married women are likely to occur. Chronic cervicitis is a chronic inflammation of the long-term stimulation, there are five kinds of clinical manifestations: cervical erosion, cervical hypertrophy, cervical polyps, cervical gland cyst, cervix uveitis. Gynecology Hospital, Shanghai Marriott Center Tianzhu Ren Description: Although treatment of chronic cervicitis up, it is difficult to be eradicated in a short time, but as long as adhere to a scientific treatment, is completely curable. Moreover, although the cervicitis is also a factor leading to infertility, but as long as timely treatment, control inflammation and affect the pregnancy can be avoided.

The cervical erosion is a chronic cervicitis, chronic cervicitis is the most common manifestations. Cervical erosion is not a true erosion, which is due to chronic inflammation of the cervix, the cervical existence of deep tissue inflammation can not easily be removed and the surface of cervical squamous epithelium dystrophy occurs because of the loss, exfoliation surface gradually from the endocervical hyperplasia come covered by columnar epithelium. As the columnar epithelium is very thin, you can see the following vascular permeability and interstitial red, so that erosion appear before the red, and the surrounding normal squamous epithelium clear boundaries. Cervical erosion does not constitute a right to live and work, generally does not cause infertility, there is no necessary to have a serious psychological burden.

Cervicitis is a chronic inflammation due to chronic long-term stimulation, it usually should pay attention to hygiene, keeping the vulva clean to prevent pathogen invasion. Usually a good contraceptive measures should be taken to avoid repeated mechanical flow of cervical injury. During menstruation, postpartum sexual intercourse should be prohibited to avoid pathogens take advantage of.

Medications are the main treatment of chronic cervicitis, the general use of topical because of weak effects of oral medication. Local women themselves due to illness effects of the medication is usually not very good, its the drug into the erosion surface is difficult, so it is best to operate by a doctor. In addition, some physical therapy methods such as infrared, microwave, laser, etc., for the treatment of chronic cervicitis there was a marked effect, through physical therapy can make partial erosion surface degeneration, necrosis, shedding, so that erosion of parts of smooth, healing. However, due to physical therapy has the potential to cervical tissue elasticity variation, cervical dilation during childbirth difficulties, in order to avoid future difficulties in cervical dilatation at birth to happen, it is generally in the absence of birth as possible before the therapy not do. However, if drug treatment is not satisfactory, we must employ physical therapy need not have worries, once the future expansion of birth occurs when the cervix difficult to cesarean section delivery can be OK.

Whether the medicine, physical therapy or surgical treatment of chronic cervicitis, treatment should maintain genital cleanliness, in the wound did not heal completely before the sexual life should be prohibited, bath, swimming and vaginal washing. After treatment on a regular basis review. During treatment, if found to discharge with odor, it is timely medical treatment, drug treatment on those who removed the cotton balls inside the vagina to prevent infection. Physical therapy, if a small amount of bleeding is normal. If the bleeding increased, more than the amount of menstrual bleeding, or prolonged, it should be promptly to the hospital for treatment, to find reasons to stop bleeding as soon as possible. If you make electric iron therapy in patients after treatment must be to observe the first period, the availability of passing poor, or dysmenorrhea, to prevent cervical adhesions.

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