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Cervical erosion will lead to infertility

Updated: Monday, Nov 16,2009, 12:26:07 PM
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Experts said that cervical erosion often occurs in the cervix outside the mouth of the cervix and vagina part of the fine granular appearance of the red zone, clinical symptoms are mainly leucorrhea color, quality, quantity, taste changes, usually leucorrhea quantity, milky white mucus shaped, sometimes pale yellow color purulent, or accompanied by a certain smell, in some instances the formation of polyps.

Cervical erosion can often affect the pregnancy because of the following conditions: an increase in cervical secretions, and mixed with a large number of white blood cells and pathogens, so that normal physiological vaginal environment has been damaged, the sperm motility is limited, the survival time, to stimulate the proliferation of cervical mucosa due to inflammation can be blocked cervix polyps grow directly affect the smooth passage of sperm, so that the sperm lost its vitality and impede the sperm's survival and movement, so that it can not penetrate the cervix into the uterine cavity, leading to infertility.

Experts remind that between cervical erosion and infertility have a certain relevance, but not an absolute necessity. After so long as the correct treatment, such as cervical erosion cured or improved, pregnancy is very possible.

Cervical erosion treatment, after the exclusion of early stage cervical cancer to topical therapy-based, such as the erosion area is large or deep inflammatory infiltration cases, surgical treatment is available.

Either surgical therapy or drug therapy, its principle is to make erosion of surface columnar epithelial necrosis, scab and fall off after being covered by new squamous epithelium.

From treatment to complete healing, you should pay attention to maintaining genital hygiene and avoiding bath, sexual intercourse and vaginal washing, regular review healing. Special attention is paid, inappropriate treatment, such as electric iron, laser treatment operation and improper use can cause cervical scarring or narrow mouth, also affect the pregnancy.

Experts also advise a female friend, abortion must be to a regular hospital to prevent infections caused by surgery, leading to gynecological diseases. Of course, the cause of infertility because there are many, should go to the hospital, after detailed examination, and then symptomatic treatment.

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