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Annexitis lead to infertility?

Updated: Thursday, Nov 19,2009, 2:47:16 PM
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Q: Why have annexitis?

A: resistance to post-abortion and post-natal decline in pay no attention to personal hygiene, reproductive tract retrograde bacterial infection via the fallopian tubes, ovaries.

Gynecological surgery, such as induced abortion, IUD insertion technique, hydrotubation secondary attachments such as post-operative inflammation, mainly due to surgery or unclean equipment during operation there is no strict aseptic technique. In addition, the excessive number of operations can also result in the annex to the occurrence of inflammation, small is because America has done a number of abortion postoperative inflammation secondary attachment, leading to infertility.

The spread of acute appendicitis, causing the adjacent annex one or both sides of the inflammation.

Sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea and Chlamydia trachomatis, bacteria may be infected with retrograde tubal and ovarian.

Q: What are the symptoms annexitis do?

A: Annex is divided into acute and chronic inflammation are two types of symptoms are not the same: the typical symptoms of acute inflammation attachment is the next abdominal pain and fever, the extent of slightly different due to different degree of inflammation. And chronic inflammation is manifested in the annex to lumbosacral acid, falling flu, sexual intercourse pain, occasionally low heat, can be recurrent and, in tiredness, sexual intercourse, menstruation after the increase, some patients can not have any symptoms.

Q: suffering from inflammation of the attachment to be how is it treated?

A: According to the annex to the severity of inflammation, different clinical manifestations, the doctor will choose different treatment methods:

Antibiotic treatment: For patients with acute annexitis should first use of antibiotics to treat, and should be treated thoroughly, avoiding to chronic, recurrent seizures.

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment: for some mild inflammation in patients with chronic accessories have a good effect.

Physical Therapy: warm benign pelvic stimulation can promote blood circulation, improve the nutritional status of local organizations in order to facilitate the absorption and inflammation subsided.

Surgical treatment: a result of inflammation caused by a large hydrosalpinx or tubal ovarian cysts, possible surgery. Infertility caused by tubal obstruction for those who, viable tubal plastic surgery. Pairs of repeated acute attacks of chronic tubal ovarian inflammation, pelvic peritonitis, after drug treatment is not satisfactory, the patient is deeply painful, and older patients, you can also consider the removal of interest-bearing side of the annex or the removal of the uterus and bilateral attachment.

When the patient for "sterility" treatment, the condition can be used above the lesser of the non-surgical treatment, but completely blocked fallopian tubes, then the need assisted reproductive techniques to assist conception, such as artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization and so on. Xiao-Mei is unreasonable because the fallopian tubes, using this method gave birth to test tube baby.

The use of assisted reproductive techniques to assist conception treatment costs are very expensive, and the success rate is not high, so the most effective way would be to try to avoid the occurrence of the annex to inflammation. I am available to the general female friend some suggestions, let us start from the small side to avoid the annex inflammation, a more comfortable life:

Menstrual period after giving birth in February, within 2 weeks after abortion, good hygiene, wash the perineum daily with water, prohibition of sexual life and bath.

Note that sexual health, are not promiscuous, monogamous sexual relationships, encouraging the use of condoms to reduce the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases, male partners of which relies on the understanding and cooperation.

To flow, put ring surgery and childbirth, should go to regular hospital in order to avoid sterilization is not strict, man-made cause infection.

Obey the doctor's advice after gynecological surgery medication to prevent infection.

According to personal circumstances and effective use of different contraceptive methods to reduce the number of pedestrian flow.

Physical exercises to enhance physical fitness.

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