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Abortion and infertility

Updated: Thursday, Nov 19,2009, 2:53:41 PM
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Abortion was a common method of termination of pregnancy, despite the pain of small, user-friendly and can be carried out in the general hospital general surgery, but surgery is not the best option is not without its trauma program. Because this operation is merely a remedial measure.

Must first understand the abortion. That abortion is a scrape off the placenta through the uterine cavity, villi so that the fetus can not survive the surgery, but is in itself a traumatic surgery, may not only cause a large number of uterine bleeding, may also lead to uterine perforation, infection, and thus the evolution of concurrency for infertility , pelvic inflammatory disease, intrauterine adhesions and so on. Due to multiple suction Palace, which can damage the "delicate" and endometrium, or even muscular. In case of repeated abortion, the harm would be even greater.

From a large number of clinical data show that abortion has a more obvious characteristics of the earlier of abortion in order to get married, unemployed, individual staff common. This young man sex more frequently, contraceptive measures are not a sound basis. In the abortion, the unwed accounted for the majority, has been reported as high as 62.0%, in fact, in some areas is also higher than this figure, because the individual opening the number of abortion clinics can not be ignored.

Abortion and subsequent pregnancy have an important impact. Because endometrial, myometrial and other parts of man-made damage, subsequent pregnancy may cause some or all of the uterus at the end of dysplasia or absence of decidua, leading to some or all of the placenta adhesion in muscle, or a deeper level, leading to severe placental adhesion , implantation occurs in the production of the fetus often difficult to peel the placenta, which resulted in uterine muscle contraction can not be good, affecting the normal placental attachment sinus closure may cause increased bleeding, prolonged bleeding, and even lead to bleeding. Such risk factors, frequent abortion, miscarriage than those who had not increased significantly.

Abortion can also cause premature birth. Cervical important role in the protection of the fetus, cervical dysfunction is one of the main factors causing premature birth. That abortion is carried out under normal physiological conditions, the destructive operation that a passive expansion of the cervix, often leading to varying degrees of cervical injury, resulting in rough mouth of the cervix, relaxation. Especially the first pregnancy of the cervix thin and tight, forced expansion of the cervix itself, it is easy to damage the basic functions of the cervix, the more the number of abortions, the greater its damage, the more chances of miscarriage.

There should be a post-abortion recovery process. To withstand the test of uterine curettage after a period of time self-repair and adaptation process, if the last time abortion pregnant again immediately after the endometrial function is difficult to return to normal, is bound to affect attachment of the placenta and its blood supply, prone to intrauterine oxygen, resulting in intrapartum fetal distress. At the same time, due to placental dysfunction, but also may cause fetal developmental abnormalities, resulting in fetal congenital diseases, brought to the prenatal and postnatal care could have been avoided trouble.

Since abortion is not the best, then women should be avoided to bear the pain of curettage. Effective contraception seriously the best way to prevent abortion. Any who undergo sex life if they do not intend to fertility, contraception should be meticulously carried out and not have chances, nor should it result from his office days, when the time say. In order to reduce or even eliminate abortion, we must raise awareness, learn to contraceptive methods, in the absence of effective contraceptive measures should be preceded by prohibiting sexual life; When it happens, emergency measures should be taken to carry out emergency contraception, such as vaginal washing clothes fill contraceptive drugs, destruction of fertilized egg implantation. In addition, but also understand the other knowledge of contraception, such as the rhythm method and the strip test ovulation period, so as to achieve the greatest possible contraceptive purposes.

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