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What are the symptoms of vitiligo?

Updated: Monday, Apr 14,2014, 9:11:40 PM
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Vitiligo Skin Show epidermal melanocytes and melanin granules significantly reduced or absent. DOPA staining of basal melanocytes decrease or disappear.

Both men and women , the incidence rates vary by region , race color varies, some deeper , the more the incidence of skin , such as the United States less than 1% , while India up to 4 % prevalence rate of 0.1 % to 2 %. No significant gender differences in the incidence of all age groups can be , but with good hair teenagers , age less than 20 years of age accounted for about half . Various parts of the body may be the onset of skin lesions as partial depigmentation spots , often white, but also for the pale pink , smooth surface without rash. White state clearly increased compared with normal skin pigmentation edge , the white hair is normal or white. Lesions occur in the sunshine by the sun and friction injury site , such as the face , the legs , neck , forearm extensor side and hand back, waist and sacral , armpits and genitals, elbow, knee , etc. are a good site , lesions and more symmetrical distribution . White is also often by nerve segment ( or leather section ) distribution of zonal arrangement , such as a unilateral disease . In addition to skin lesions, the lips, the labia , the inner mucosa of the glans and foreskin also often involved. Leukoplakia can be generalized body , but the retina, choroid , and leptomeningeal melanocytes are not involved. Sometimes the sun and white areas may have pigment regeneration ; while winter white center or edge of another hypopigmentation . And approximately 20% of patients with leukoplakia highly sensitive to ultraviolet light , the rapid development of white spots after sun exposure . Mechanical stimuli , such as acupuncture , scratching , pressure ( tights , hernia care , etc. ) and other local skin irritation, such as burns , infections, sunburn, frostbite , radiation , etc. leukoplakia can occur in patients with normal skin , or so that the original white to expand or even generalized systemic isomorphic response . The number of white uncertain, little change or may subside on their own , but most cases showed white gradually increased , expanding the integration of adjacent white irregular large flake , even generalized body .

This disease have no symptoms , a small number of patients before the onset or simultaneously affected local itching . Vitiligo is often accompanied by other autoimmune diseases , such as diabetes , thyroid disease, adrenal insufficiency , pernicious anemia , rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma , atopic dermatitis, alopecia areata .

The occurrence of the disease is acquired , the incidence of all ages can have reports of neonatal morbidity. After a slow, progressive development also , early childhood onset can heal.

Lesions of the surface temperature can be increased, increased perspiration . Often complicated by diabetes, pernicious anemia , autoimmune disease , thyroid disease, primary adrenal insufficiency.

Typical vitiligo easy to diagnose .

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