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To prevent hemorrhoids foods

Updated: Tuesday, Nov 17,2009, 11:07:57 AM
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Cold, salty taste. "Materia Medica of the original demand," said: "clam Jigo hemorrhoids." Clam meat can be Run-five internal organs, soft-kin scattered swollen. Haemorrhoids in patients with recurrent suitably clam meat cooking.


Of cold, sweet, able to heat, Lee water and hemorrhoids. Ancient "Daily Materia Medica" and reads: "snail be able to antipyretic drugs, governance wine jaundice, Lee small water, elimination sores." "Compendium of Materia Medica" Yiyun: "sober up antipyretic, Lee toilet, cure prolapse, anal fistula . "" Jade Catalpa drug solution "and added:" snail-ching Kinley water, vent wet addition to heat, governance prolapse, hemorrhoids fistula. "people suffering from hemorrhoids, suitable snail eat.

Freshwater Mussel

Of cold, sweet and salty, there is heat, Ziyin, detoxification role, suitable for hot and humid hemorrhoids were fed soup cooking or serving. "Japan Hanako Materia Medica" in the records, Freshwater Mussel, "Chufan antipyretic drugs, and hemorrhoids fistula, metrorrhagia, vaginal discharge."


Fill in the air, dampness evil, be nutritious, but also cure hemorrhoids, hemorrhoid longer physically weak, the qi prolapse are advised to eat it regularly. China Pharmaceutical University Professor Ye Juquan that Loach meat "warm in the Qi, detoxification close hemorrhoids." Civil useful Mahi molding powder boiled soup consumption, the treatment of hemorrhoids prolapse, can play a "transfer of income hemorrhoids" effect.


Commonly known as the eel. Natured, sweet, can Buxu lean, rheumatism, hemorrhoids Qi frail patients, the most appropriate. Back in "Do not recorded" in the set: "eel fish, the main 5 hemorrhoid fistula." Medical food Meng Sheng's Herbology of the famous Tang Dynasty added: "Smoked eel hemorrhoids, suffering from fistula and Li Zhu sore ulcer wind, eat a very long inspection." In Meng Sheng's Herbology of "medical food Heart Mirror" in one of the parties: "Governance 5 hemorrhoid fistula sores, insect: eel 1, governance, such as food law, cut to pieces Sunburn, with pepper, salt, butter reconcile eat." eel fish Indeed, rich in protein, nutrition, nutritious high value, and its tonic effect of successive treatment hemorrhoids Doctors praise. Such as the Miao Yong Ming Dynasty, "Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing Shu" said: "Five people eat it regularly piles of fistula, there is great benefit also." Zhu Ming Ni-mo also said: "Li ulcer fistula of hemorrhoids people eat it regularly, and gradually have been effective."


Commonly known as mullet, blackfish. Of cold, sweet with Spleen benefits of water, can cure hemorrhoids. "Do not record" has long been that it was "five hemorrhoid treatment." "Taiwan Miyao," also contains: "rule intestinal hemorrhoids, each stool blood often: Channa fish cuisine, ginger, powdered eat."


Be able to fill wasting, in addition to rheumatism, strong bones and muscles, can cure hemorrhoids fistula. "Convenience diet," said: "The governing internal hemorrhoids: eel cooking." "Will side with the consumption of traditional Chinese medicine," also contains: "internal hemorrhoids, Qi prolapse, eels eat cooked soup, there is solid off of qi gong."

Pig intestine

Hemorrhoid bleeding rectal prolapse were suitable for human consumption. The efficacy of treatment of hemorrhoids ancient square, and they used the pig intestine. Such as "miraculous recipe" in the pig dirty pill, "Under the rule hemorrhoids fistula blood" is to use the same Huaihua Zhulan pound pig intestine, and after pill. "Ben Cao Meng Quan" in the shell pill, "treatment hemorrhoids," and also with the pig intestine with berberine, Citrus aurantium, sticky rice made into pills taken orally.

Wild boar

Natured, sweet and salty, not only to fill weak Leishou, can cure hemorrhoids bleeding, suffering from chronic hemorrhoids for bleeding is best. Tang Meng Sheng's Herbology of the letter know that House in its "Fresh Medical Heart Mirror" is described: "Haruhisa hemorrhoids, the next is more than blood and rectal pain side: wild boar Er Jin, cut, with flavors Sunburn, hollow food, may also make soup."


Of cold, sweet and astringent, can heat, lungs, Shibuya intestinal bleeding, bleeding hemorrhoids particularly suitable for human consumption. "Compendium of Materia Medica" record: "White Persimmon under the governance of anal fistula blood." Bleeding of hemorrhoids or anal fissure bleeding, stool dry, civil practice of using dried persimmons appropriate, steamed, after each meal to eat one, or add boiling bad as a snack, one will be counted on the count times Shishuang right is also useful in patients with hemorrhoids. "Materia Medica truth," also recorded that "the wind anal fistula intestinal Shishuang governance." Therefore, bleeding hemorrhoids Shishuang quite suitable for eating.


Of cold, sweet, can stomach and bowel, reduces swelling, detoxification, for anorectal diseases, such as constipation, enteritis, dysentery, hemorrhoids, etc., are effective. "Compendium of Materia Medica," said long ago: fig Jigo hemorrhoids. "Fujian Chinese herbal medicine," also describes: "governance hemorrhoids, prolapse, constipation: Fresh figs eaten raw. Or nuts 10, pig intestine section Shuijianbi."


Also known as Torreya grandis. There Runfei Hua Chang, defecation of hemorrhoids, pesticides negatively role. As early as more than a thousand years ago, "Do not record" on the record: the "main 5 hemorrhoids." In this regard, "Ben Cao Jing Shu" is also explained: "5 hemorrhoid three worms, all due to the large intestine damp-heat, bitter cold to hot and humid diarrhea, the large intestine and the two startled Qing Ning more carry on. "China Pharmaceutical University, Professor Ye Juquan also believe that patients with hemorrhoids," the daily chewing torreya 7, there is the power of self-cultivation treatment. "


There are rows gas, the role of casual blood, the modern view that more crude fiber-containing li leek, and relatively tough, difficult to be gastrointestinal digestion and absorption, can increase the stool volume, the promotion of the large intestine where animals and to prevent constipation, hemorrhoids constipation so right useful.


Also known as water spinach, and air tube dishes. Of cold, sweet, with treatment of constipation, hematochezia, hemorrhoids role. "Lu Chuan Materia Medica," I said: "Governance stomach heat, stool knot." "Traditional Chinese Medicine of Guizhou Province prescription recipe" also introduced: "administration turned anal hemorrhoids: Empty Barrel dishes Er Jin, water Erjin, Zhulan to slag filtration , add sugar 42, Tong Jian, such as caramel-like. 32 per serving, serving the second day, morning and evening clothes, healed and then serve. "Therefore, water spinach on patients with hemorrhoids often dry feces were the most appropriate,


Of cool, sweet, there are nourishing, bleeding, Runzao, Hua Chang, laxative effect. According to "truth Materia Medica" record: "Spinach, HE Shu-Jie Yan can benefit digestion, cover slip were Tongqiao calendar, spinach and the quality of sliding profits, ordinary people long illness stool unreasonable, and the anal fistula plug off of the people, suitable for all ages use it." "With the interest rate spectrum of home eating," also said: "Spinach, open Xiongge, Tung gastrointestinal, Runzao blood circulation, hemorrhoids bowel astringent people suffering from stagnation, and Yi Shi's.


Of cool, sweet, can heat and cooling blood, bleeding hemorrhoids suitable for human consumption. "Compendium of Materia Medica," said: "In addition to cooking Geli intestines, urine under the rule of blood, hemorrhoids 10" especially hot and humid place bets, or blood divided into hot hemorrhoid patients, the most appropriate.


Natured, sweet, good to cooling blood to stop bleeding, there are treatment of Campylobacter, hematochezia, hemorrhoids role. "Compendium of Materia Medica" contains Hesse ear governance hemorrhoids. "Medicinal-cut as" that black fungus can "benefit intestine moistening." Therapeutic famous doctor in Qing Dynasty, Wang Meng added: "The black fungus-resistant hunger qi, promoting blood circulation, cure or servants injury. Where collapse leaching Campylobacter, hemorrhoids suffering from intestinal wind, and eat it regularly can heal." Hemorrhoid a long time, especially physically weak persons, in particular eat appropriate.


Primary production in Jiangxi Lushan, sexual-ping, sweet. "Yue-chi," said: "Umbilicaria Sweet delicious, sexual-ping non-toxic, multi-crop-eating people, be able to Run muscle Tong Yan, in the ear, to ear on." It has nourishing yin, clearing away heat, hemostasis efficacy, stool bleeding, anal fistula anal prolapse of the people of the Yi Shi. "Doctor Lin ąøÄĄõ to" in there reads: "Umbilicaria governance wind hemorrhoids intestinal fistula, line water detoxification." Every time available Umbilicaria 30-50 grams, 150 grams of lean pork, salt a little, and steam cooked. Steam 1 am, drinking his soup; steamed 1 pm, all endured.


Locust tree flowers or flower buds for human consumption, there is heat, cooling blood, hemostasis efficacy, but also the most commonly used traditional Chinese medicine treatment for hemorrhoids medicine. "Medical Kai source" said: "Huaihua cool the large intestine hot." "Day Zi Materia Medica," saying that it "rule of five piles." "Materia Medica was" Yiyun: "Huaihua cool the large intestine, cure anal fistula." Ancient rule hemorrhoid prescription, often use it. Especially for hemorrhoids attack stage, hot and humid place bets, pain, bleeding, more appropriate.

Sterculia lychnophora

Of cool, sweet light, there is heat, lungs, Lee cracking, detoxification role, hemorrhoids blood in the stool are suitably Sterculia lychnophora frequency of drinking tea. "Supplement to Compendium of Materia Medica" and reads: Sterculia lychnophora "treatment hemorrhoids drain pipe." "Spring and Autumn the medical community" and had also introduced: "administration stool bleeding: Sterculia lychnophora several pieces, open blisters hair, go nuclear, add rock sugar transfer service."

Polygonum multiflorum

There Bugan, kidney, nourishing, Qufeng effect. "Jiangxi herbal medicine" that Shouwu can "catharsis, Xie Chuang Du." Shouwu cure hemorrhoids, to ancient times. "Polygonum multiflorum were recorded," I said: "Lord 5 hemorrhoid, Qi Li." "Kai Bao Materia Medica" Yiyun: "Lord M. scrofulaceum, elimination carbuncle swollen, 5 hemorrhoid treatment." "St. Hui Fang," a method described in the governance of hemorrhoids : "governance of the large intestine wind poison, diarrhea is more than blood; Polygonum multiflorum 22, ramming thin Romania as a powder, each in the food prior to the warm porridge to drink the next transfer of money." physically weak for a long time in patients with hemorrhoids, often fleece-flower root powder transfer service, the most appropriate .


Commonly known as chicken feet dish, produced in China's Taiwan Province and Guangdong, Hainan shallow coral reefs along the coast, the summer harvest. Nature, taste salty, slightly bitter flavor. "Food will be traditional Chinese medicine and the party" in the description: hemorrhoids would knot: Eucheuma, Gelidium contour, boiled into a gel, plus white sugar right amount, fasting food. The Qing Dynasty, "Supplement to Compendium of Materia Medica" record: "Eucheuma Phlegm, can turn all the sputum knot, swelling of the liver product, hemorrhoids poison." "Health experience in Addendum" record: "rule of hard toil, or alcohol from a desire suddenly Health external hemorrhoids: Eucheuma wash away the gray 12, with smelt Tianquan boiled, and sugar eaten, five of money. "

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