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The symptoms of myocarditis in children

Updated: Thursday, Mar 04,2010, 4:07:12 PM
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Myocarditis in children are basically three kinds of performance:

Premature myocardial virus One of the manifestations. Most of the children without discomfort for ECG was only confirmed. If the child in good condition, there is no expansion of the heart and cardiac function is also normal for the time being not to drug therapy, premature beat will gradually decrease and disappear, but must pay attention to children's rest and nutrition.

Heart block is a virus damaged the heart's conduction system, so that the heart of the excitement of take-off in different parts of the heart can not properly transmitted. Light can not have any performance, only ECG have not been discovered; In severe cases, slow or irregular heart rhythm. If the number of beats per minute less than 40 times, will occur in children with cerebral ischemia, causing convulsions and even heart suddenly stopped. Such critical of myocarditis require hospitalization for emergency treatment.

Heart failure is a serious myocarditis performance. Children with enlargement of the heart, myocardial contractility decreased, so that the heart can not effectively play the role of the blood pump, so that body tissue of oxygen supply can not meet the normal requirements. Children at this time, there may be shortness of breath, pale, rapid heartbeat, pulse weak, unable to lie horizontally and other symptoms. Without a timely manner to hospital treatment, would endanger the lives of children.

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