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The harm of lead poisoning

Updated: Saturday, Aug 09,2014, 5:10:19 PM
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Blood lead is too high, can hurt the child's intelligence, and change the character of the child, the child's growth and development impact. The child temperament, loves pulling hair may also lead to blame. There was a child of 7 years old is often restless, also always pull my hair. The family took the children to the psychological clinic, through psychological treatment, the effect is not obvious, then check the trace elements found in the blood, lead to 128ug/L, belonging to the two level of lead poisoning. Finally, through psychological counseling and treatment of lead up, children gradually improved. "Lead has the dual role of excitation and inhibition of the nervous system damage, the child may become excited irritability, could become depression."

At the same time, because the digestive system with high blood lead child will hurt children, diarrhea, vomiting and inappetence, over time, children prone to malnutrition, anemia and bone marrow suppression easily, and long is not good, a "bean sprouts", also often ill.

In general, blood lead exceeded 100ug/L before symptoms appear." Children tend to be agitated, diarrhea, loss of appetite, the hair is yellow, the noodles have no blood red color, nail length is not good, also often repeated respiratory tract infection.

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