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Six Ways to Respect Your Baby's Emotion

Updated: Tuesday, Jul 02,2013, 1:40:16 PM
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1.      Understand your baby’s intention and respect his choice

According to the survey, 68.8% parents think that the baby has the right to choose the skills which he likes, because inner interest is the motive power for learning.

Step 1 Parents should not ask baby whether he want to learn when the baby still doesn’t understand various skills and activities.

Step 2 Parents should talk with the baby alone so as to understand his actual wishes.

2.    Parents should put baby’s care and cultivation as the first consideration

If you decide to let your baby learn certain skill, such as singing, dancing, drawing etc., parents must have a specific purpose of cultivating the skill: respect and protect your baby's interests and let the baby like the skill more through learning process.

3.    Take heed to observe your baby’s emotional changes in the process of learning

Parents should observe baby’s mood when he learns the skill. For example, parents should observe baby’s mood before class and after class each time rather than only care about his learning contents.

4.     Spare more time to learn with your baby together

Time is the very valuable when you get along with your baby. Parents should bent down like a big baby to learn and practice with their baby. Thus, the baby will enjoy learning process more by learning with parents.

5.   Don’t compare your baby with others

 In order to motivate the baby for learning, parents always use Chinese unique skill to stimulate their baby, comparing their baby with others. However, this way would make the baby feels too much stress. Finally, the baby may loss the interests for the skill.

6.    Let your baby find a great sense of accomplishment from his own efforts

Learning skills is a continuous practice process and it tests the baby’s ability for perseverance. If parents want the baby insist on learning the skill, they need to observe baby’s efforts timely and help him find a great sense of accomplishment from his every little effort.

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