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Psoriasis common sense

Updated: Monday, Jan 04,2010, 2:27:41 PM
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In clinical work, many doctors ignore the psychological treatment, which is contrary to modern medical model of prevention and treatment of psoriasis, only to get to know the modern medical model, in order to find a rational and effective prevention and treatment of psoriasis the best way.

The so-called psychotherapy is based on the correct diagnosis in patients with health education, the lifting of disease in patients with tension and anxiety. Psychological factors can induce and aggravate psoriasis study of the mechanism has been proposed psychological stress in the skin allows the release of sensory nerve substance P and other neuropeptides, while the epidermis of psoriasis patients with substance P-containing nerves to increase their substance P caused by keratinocyte cell proliferation. The research shows that domestic scholars and the sympathetic nervous system in patients with psoriasis and parasympathetic dysfunction occurs, leading to metabolic imbalance and immune dysfunction. Therefore, the spirit of neural factors and the occurrence of psoriasis, heavier, mitigation, cure has a close contact. In clinical work, we must first understand the reasons for causing psychological stress in patients with and do counseling work, we must understand that every one in patients with psoriasis: ① psoriasis is not genetic; ② do not have the contagious; ③ does not affect the health and life; ④ the disease itself does not infringe viscera and malignant transformation. At the same time to eliminate social discrimination, so that patients with normal people, like in the absence of psychological pressure and mental stress of living a normal atmosphere. Combined with a reasonable selection of toxic side-effects of illness or side effects are minor, and attention to efficacy and drug toxicity ratio, reducing iatrogenic damage, such comprehensive treatment can stabilize the disease or years to decades without relapse. This psoriasis is, in a sense is also cured.

Induced and aggravated psoriasis five factors that

In the combined treatment at the same time to let patients know what can induce and aggravate psoriasis on many factors:

① Infection factors: upper respiratory tract streptococcal infection theory and relationship between the pathogenesis of psoriasis have been identified. Another Helicobacter pylori infection and Candida albicans infection of doctrine were considered to induce and aggravate psoriasis related. ② dietary factors: eat less red meat, smoking, alcohol.

③ to avoid stress and anxiety, reduce stress and prevent over-exertion.

④ to prevent the scratch to avoid injury;

⑤ drug treatment: to avoid external irritant substances and to prevent indiscriminate use hormones and anti-cancer drugs, avoid the use of propranolol, indomethacin, γ-interferon, interleukin, antimalarials, lithium and so on. Clinically, patients with psoriasis a result of taking steroids, the psoriasis into pustular, or erythrodermic type; a result of taking anti-cancer drugs leukemia and cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma has been reported many cases. The same time, the process of taking these drugs cause serious liver and kidney damage, so that originally appeared benign proliferative skin system damage, and even malignant transformation results. Causing illness complicated; treatment more difficult and prognosis of adverse consequences.

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