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Prevention of psoriasis

Updated: Monday, Jan 04,2010, 2:31:44 PM
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The occurrence and recurrence of psoriasis affected by many factors, some patients are due to incidence of upper respiratory tract infection, some patients are due to excessive mental stress and disease, while some patients, compared with the incidence of damp cold, which requires patients Institute of conclusion, to explore the incidence laws.

First, prevention of infection: local Gan Ranzao induce an important cause of psoriasis, especially after a cold, complicated by tonsillitis, bronchitis, require active treatment to shorten the course of the disease, repeated tonsil infection, and psoriasis onset is closely related to who may wish to consider tonsillectomy. This is particularly important for young patients.

Second, allergic factors: It is important to induce one of the causes of psoriasis. Due to diet or drugs, or contact with certain substances allergy can often induce the occurrence of psoriasis. Patients with each relapse, the need to be carefully recalled recently they had taken something, or direct contact with some substance, so that itchy skin was followed by erythema, then this material, contact should be avoided in the future. For example, some seafood, beef and mutton, spicy things, and other substances.

Third, damp cold: by cold-induced psoriasis of the number of attacks and more, the living environment due to wet, cold weather, can Benbingfasheng or worsen, so patients should avoid large cold thermal stimulation of skin large living room to keep the ventilation dry.

Fourth, the spirit of factors: their daily lives as a result of pressure, resting well, psychological stress, resulting in emotional instability, Concerned Yu Nu, has no reasonable adjustment or long-term maintenance of skin irregular eating, overeating, eat fishy Wind to launch objects, excessive drinking tea, as well as external causes cold, fever, tonsil inflammation, immune dysfunction, lack of resistance, resulting in the pathogenesis of psoriasis and recurrent. Excessive mental stress, temperament haste, depression or other psychological factors for incentives, accounting for other incentives to the first, in the total incidence of psoriasis in China accounts for about 18.6%. Psychological stress can produce a series of psychological or physiological responses, prompting neuro-endocrine disorders, damage to the immune defense system, and certain enzymes of metabolic disorders, thereby contributing to the occurrence of psoriasis, so in the event of an irresistible or can not be predict an urgent matter, the patient should try to control their emotions and remain calm mood, to ensure adequate sleep time, if necessary, take appropriate sedatives.

5, used with caution in the following controlled drugs: the first choice of what kind of drug to treat psoriasis, its efficacy and whether prognosis play a key role in relapse. In a period of time, the medical profession in the direction of research on the treatment of psoriasis, a considerable extent, into the errors. Mainly reflected in: When the psoriasis patients who have just started to papular erythema, the time mean a reduced ability of immune, endocrine dysfunction, microcirculation resulted in loss of smooth skin and excretion of dysfunction, so that the body should excrete toxins accumulate in the inner subcutaneous. The drugs used are not used to enhance immunity and restore the skin's normal metabolic function, excretion of endotoxin, but by hormones, immunosuppressive agents to suppress the immune, control skin, excretory functions, the results of the more heavier rule, eventually leading to a more stubborn disease is difficult to rule. Then, as a patient of such drugs should have a basic knowledge of the current drugs used to control psoriasis with corticosteroids, anti-tumor type and so on.

In short, psoriasis induced by many reasons, only patients with more attention in their daily lives, pay attention to sanitation, to remove the trigger factors, such as Ji Jiu, bogey spicy, fish, dried seafood, lamb and fishy thing to launch the wind to watch out for cold , tonsil inflammation, the sick to go to the formal health sector treatment, caution that some controlled drugs, etc., in order to reduce the chance of a relapse.

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