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Neonatal jaundice affect intelligence?

Updated: Sunday, Mar 02,2014, 9:43:25 PM
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Neonatal jaundice is divided into two kinds of physiological rational and disease. Physiological jaundice is that most newborns after birth appear 2 to 3 days of skin , yellow sclera , the first four to six days the most obvious , full-term children at 10 to 14 days after birth subsided , sustainable preterm children to the first three weeks . During this period , children generally in good condition , no other discomfort performance. When blood test , serum bilirubin values ​​below 205μmol / L. Jaundice Jaundice performance of children with jaundice may occur within 24 hours after birth , or persistent fever, or dissipated after the emergence or worsening jaundice . When blood test , serum bilirubin values ​​exceed 205μmol L, children as well as performance / other diseases.

In general, the physiological jaundice jaundice lighter, lower serum bilirubin concentrations , does not affect intelligence in children . Jaundice is not all children with intellectual influence . Jaundice caused by whatever reason , when the serum bilirubin concentration exceeds  340μmol / L  , the indirect bilirubin in the blood through the blood-brain barrier into the brain tissue can affect energy metabolism of brain cells , brain cells due to there is insufficient energy degeneration and necrosis , in which the basal ganglia of the brain , the hypothalamus and the bottom of the fourth ventricle stained obvious that this disease is called bilirubin encephalopathy or kernicterus . When kernicterus occurred significantly increased jaundice in children , begins as lethargy, weakness or choking sucking , hypotonia . If not treated promptly followed by severe symptoms can occur moaning , screaming , convulsions , respiratory failure. Some children died of respiratory failure , surviving children often mental retardation, cerebral palsy and other complications .

Therefore, when neonatal jaundice, we can help feed the glucose water jaundice . Severe jaundice , should be promptly sent to hospital for treatment of children , to prevent the occurrence of kernicterus , to avoid affecting children's intellectual development.

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