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Male Hair Loss

Updated: Friday, Oct 23,2009, 3:07:51 PM
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In our lives that often appear in the word male pattern hair loss, then what is called male pattern hair loss do? As the name suggests, this hair loss, mainly in the men and women less, which is divided into seborrheic alopecia hair loss, male hormone alopecia. In order to better understanding of male pattern hair loss, we learned from seborrheic alopecia hair loss and male causes of the rapid start with.

Seborrheic alopecia cause: the root causes of hair loss is the hair follicles on the head there is structural congenital defects, when the degradation and decline. The main reason for hair loss caused by genetic factors, the performance of the genetic selective . Generally began to appear around the age of 20. At the same time the level of male hormones can also affect the degradation of hair follicles and atrophy. Because of the hair follicle Department has a special kind of male hormone receptors - receptors in serum-dihydro-testosterone, the male hormone levels change, will affect the binding with the receptors to accelerate degradation and shrinkage of hair follicles. Whether male or female, the body contain male hormones and female hormones, both in balance due. Poor diet, lack of sleep, mental stress, depression, external factors such as heavy workloads, but also directly affects the endocrine system, caused by male and female hormone imbalances, hair loss can be accelerated. Androgen levels in male hair loss and female hair loss is also the main reason, it is also called it as the male hormone alopecia, or male hair loss. The head-and post-occipital hair follicles on both sides of the structure is a complete healthy.

Androgen-induced hair loss: androgenic alopecia, commonly known as "bald", the incidence is higher. Refers to adulthood, the hair gradually fall off, coming from the Ministry of fast retreat, the former hair margin increased, the first at the top of the hair thinning or balding, showing progressive increase. The disease to the top of forehead and head is characterized by progressive hair loss, more common in men engaged in mental work, often in the hair loss began to appear around the age of 20-30. Hair loss in general from the forehead and temporal region on both sides of the beginning, the former gradually receded hairline, forehead become high, increasing with age,

Large skull at the top of the hair gradually fall off, and both sides of the occipital hairline is still often left at the hair, the condition severe, head and forehead into the hair with a large, leaving only a half circle around the horseshoe-shaped distribution of elephant hair is not de - away, the skin smooth and hair loss area or valuables left behind by a few sparse short hair. Male stimulated the slow progression of cable alopecia, female patients with hair loss to a lesser extent, most of the top hair sparse, thinning hair, soft, no matter male or female of the species on the appearance of baldness implications. The cause of male alopecia may be related to genetics and male hormones. Such baldness, mostly in permanent hair loss.

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