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How do self-care in patients with psoriasis?

Updated: Monday, Jan 04,2010, 2:34:43 PM
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Psoriasis patients should take a pragmatic attitude towards the disease, and actively prepare self-care, do not be afraid, not to give up on themselves. On the one hand, the need to maintain good and stable state of mind, learn about the basics of psoriasis, eliminating shadows and worries of the psychological mood, a correct treatment of psoriasis. The other hand, a positive attitude to use to control the adverse environmental factors, to avoid aggravating induced psoriasis.

Fast-paced modern life, busy with work and often participate in sports activities and exercise, self-cultivation, giving vent to nervousness, self-regulation, to avoid the stress caused by persistent immune function. To prevent and timely treatment of various infections (including the tonsils and nasopharynx of the upper respiratory tract infection, periodontitis, dental caries, athlete's foot, etc.), active treatment of other concurrent diseases (such as diabetes), in order to facilitate ease of psoriasis Do not leave evils infestation. But also to avoid the trauma and skin stimulation (including stimulation drugs, over-Zha River washing, etc.). Daily diet should be the law of life, and do is quit drinking less, attention to nutrition to supplement the rash of protein consumed. To keep the skin clean, regular bathing, water not too hot. In winter to prevent the skin dry, moisten the skin with oil, grease; to more sun, the best swimming beach cloud. Therapeutic use in observing that the emergence of new symptoms to the doctor to guide a timely manner.

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