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Effectively prevent folliculitis

Updated: Monday, Jan 04,2010, 2:46:37 PM
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1, mainly attention to the skin clean, enhance the body resistance to prevent injuries.

2, active treatment itching of skin and systemic chronic diseases.

3, scalp folliculitis patients should pay attention to the scalp at any time to keep cool, to improve the over-wash your hair habits and to maintain adequate sleep, to relieve the pressure.

4, chest, back and buttocks folliculitis in patients with more with wet, hot, sweating and personal physical fitness related.

5, thigh folliculitis in patients with multi-leg from the pants and the friction caused by hair follicles; while the upper arm in patients with folliculitis, is more because the pore horny results. Patients must taken to avoid muffle, heat and excessive sweating, do not always wash your hair, do not wear pants too tight or too hard at the same time to observe good personal hygiene, enhance physical exercise, increased disease resistance.

6, eat less food, we should note that alcohol and acid, spicy foods such as irritation, repeatedly made by normal thing to be eating less greasy, more fresh vegetables, fruits, increase the vitamin to maintain smooth stool. Treatment or control of folliculitis, local to sterilization, anti-inflammatory, drying principle can be topical anti-inflammatory drugs in patients with mild, sulfur syrup and so on, the more severely ill patient may be treated with oral medication.

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