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Early symptoms of vitiligo infants

Updated: Monday, Apr 14,2014, 9:09:59 PM
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Vitiligo developed rapidly, and now a great influence infant patients gradually increased , to bring parents and patients , and the white kids , if not treated , it not only affects the child's growth , but also let the children life-threatening , as early as the time to understand the symptoms of vitiligo cure rate for children is very helpful .

Infant vitiligo current development quickly, so parents should understand the symptoms promptly to cure their children 's early white . And at the time of treatment but also to strengthen the child's physical and mental care, taking care of babies , children divert timely childish heart , in addition, with a reasonable diet , nutrition .

Early symptoms of vitiligo infants , infant vitiligo occurrence site is more extensive. Early symptoms of vitiligo is not obvious , mainly for head and face relatively common, but mainly localized vitiligo occurred . Vitiligo is a single or multiple symptoms of irregular white patches , white plaque area gradually expanded, increasing the number . While all manifestations of vitiligo white patches , but the degree of depigmentation but can not the same, can be expressed as a pale white , white, white clouds and white porcelain . In rare cases, the white will appear to shrink or disappear on their own .

Infants vitiligo patients vulnerable to outside stimuli. Patients sensitive to external stimuli , mainly white poor ability to resist external invasion caused by sun and white can be redness, burning, blisters, itching, severe cases will develop white spots . Therefore , we advocate vitiligo patients to avoid strong ultraviolet radiation , so as not to cause unnecessary harm. Typically, Vitiligo is superficial , but because of the impact of human appearance, to the patient 's psychological pressure is tremendous fear of people .

These are the early symptoms of vitiligo infants , parents should be careful early detection of children with the disease , seek immediate medical attention , do not delay the disease .

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