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Causes of chronic lumbar muscle strain

Updated: Monday, Jan 11,2010, 10:54:00 AM
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Chronic lumbar muscle strain is the most common chronic low back pain, a disease long-term recurring back pain as the main clinical manifestation, often used as no clear organic disease in chronic low back pain in general, it was also known as functional low back pain. Caused by chronic lumbar muscle strain is mainly due to repeated acute lumbar sprain and long-term sequelae of chronic injury in the waist.

Lumbar sprain is very prevalent, 95% of patients can be cured after treatment, but sometimes not treated or treatment methods are not at that time, such as lumbar sprain is not well after bed rest, resulting in a long period by the injury was led psoas la state; the waist and too frequently, affect the organization's normal healing; lumbar sprain acute-phase re-inappropriate practices massage therapy or massage is further aggravated injury, can cause chronic lumbar muscle strain. Sometimes severe lumbar sprain, even a reasonable early treatment may also be due to the healing of scar tissue too large, in the lumbar spine under normal activities and load have been pulling the slack, and degeneration and ischemia, leading to chronic low back pain.

Long-term repeated waist light forced a long period of injury or lumbar posture, such as sedentary, forced to stand and move can lift heavy objects Dengjun psoas stretch a long period of high tension state, local inflammatory reaction occurs, the course of time considerable period of time can form a waist The accumulation of muscle degeneration, leading to chronic lumbar muscle strain.

Lumbar spine of congenital malformations, such as lumbar sacral, lumbar sacral vertebra-based, implicit sacral vertebrae cleft Dengjun make muscles, fascia organizations such as the lack of attachment points, resulting in structural weakness. When frequent or weight-bearing activity to increase, the prone strain of lumbar muscles. In addition, the cold, damp environment and climate change may accelerate the occurrence of lower back strain or pain symptoms increased.

The main symptoms of chronic lumbar muscle strain is: a long-term recurring lower back pain, or pain, appropriate activities and the frequent changes in position to mitigate, activity has increased over bent over for too long then the pain worsened Zhiyao difficult. Overcast and rainy days and wet, cold weather, when the symptoms can increase. Waist shape and activities of more than normal. X-ray examination no abnormalities seen in more than a small number of visible bone hyperplasia or spinal deformity.

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