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indispensable Cholesterol

Updated: Monday, Apr 20,2009, 4:39:22 PM
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Most people know that cholesterol is caused by atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, stroke and other major cause of disease. But few people know that cholesterol is indispensable for the maintenance of healthy substances. Such as cholesterol in the skin by sunlight can be converted to vitamin D; cholesterol help carbohydrate metabolism; cholesterol constitute the brain, nerves, hormones, sex hormones and an important cell membrane material. Each cell in the human body must contain cholesterol, if cholesterol levels are too low on the trend of aging of cells, were also aging.


 Cholesterol in the body of the standard normal volume, the Chinese standard of normal blood cholesterol values are per 100 milliliters of blood containing 160? / FONT> 230 mg. As long as the lipids in the normal range to maintain health can be guaranteed.

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