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Your face, tell you whether or not health

Updated: Friday, Apr 10,2009, 5:41:00 PM
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Chinese medicine practitioners believe that the facial features and physical health are closely related to the five internal organs, good or bad facial complexion to reveal the traces of human health. Therefore, as long as look in the mirror every morning when the face of a good number of observed changes in subjective symptoms such as re-integrated, we can roughly grasp the health status of organs.

Eyes: the question reflects the liver


Yellowing white: wrong indicates hepatobiliary

Bile for the yellow-green liquid secreted by the liver cells and stored in the gall bladder out, and with excess body fat to help break down the role. When the gallbladder or liver dysfunction, it will result in cholestasis and the inflow into the blood, the white of the eye will result in the phenomenon of yellowing. This is the reason why people suffering from hepatitis will the eyes and skin yellowing because.

Eyelid white: careful anemia

If the mucous membrane on blood vessels eyelid color too shallow, to the extent of almost invisible, it could be anemia. Women due to special physiological period, more prone to symptoms of anemia. Therefore, your best regular mirror their eyelids open after a good check. In addition, we will draw on dizziness when standing up, a little movement on the heart palpitations, shortness of breath stop, dry and dull skin, hair loss, brittle nails, etc. to determine whether the symptoms of anemia.

Eyelid edema: poor water metabolism

Even before going to bed and did not drink a lot of water, some people always find themselves up the next morning eyelid edema, which is the regulatory function of the body of water can not be the result of normal operation. Water metabolism disorders caused by many reasons, such as kidney or gastrointestinal function, such as heart disease. Where in the end is a problem, you need an integrated body to determine the symptoms. If the eyelid swelling, and fatigue, dry mouth, poor urination, there may be renal failure.


Sometimes the eyelids will not produce some of the pain out of the yellow-white small lumps, which is due to an accumulation of excess body fat, high cholesterol is the body of the signal; grow if a Stye on the eyelid, then the pressure is too recent to remind you large, lack of sleep or fat, excessive protein intake, vegetables, fruits, a serious lack of need for symptomatic treatment.

Tongue: five internal organs reflect the actual situation


Tongue red: the plot too much heat

If it seems the entire tongue is very red, it means that the body heat too much plot, but the shortage of water in the state, often accompanied by the head or systemic symptoms such as fever.

Pale tongue: frail

Tongue had white blood shortage, said, that is, there is a tendency to anemia, often accompanied by fatigue, dizziness when standing up, symptoms such as palpitation. In addition, when hypothermia, the blood circulation may also result in poor white of the tongue, should pay attention to the distinction.

Purple tongue: the blood is too thick

When human blood contains a lot of waste, or less than the body of water when suffering from hyperlipidemia, will increase blood viscosity caused by poor circulation, leading to the tongue was purple. Partial purple tongue, and usually the shoulder stiffness, back pain, symptoms such as dysmenorrhea; if tongue purple spots appear that somewhere in the body's blood vessels are blocked, blood circulation is not smooth.


Tongue hypertrophy, almost can not see the tongue surface, there may be factors such as diet-induced excessive gastrointestinal dysfunction. In addition, in the event of a major disease, the tongue will be thickened. Thin tongue that is almost invisible to the situation of weak signals or allergy. Tongue smooth as a mirror, is the precursor of peptic ulcer; rough tongue that malnutrition.

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