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Type 1 diabetes

Updated: Monday, Nov 23,2009, 1:56:19 PM
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The concept of type 1 diabetes mellitus

Type 1 diabetes, also known as insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) or juvenile diabetes, easy diabetic ketoacidosis occurs (DKA). Also known as young-onset diabetes, it is because it is often before the age of onset of 35, accounting for 10% of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is dependent on insulin therapy, meaning that sufferers from the disease need to use the start of insulin treatment, and life-long use. The reason is that Type 1 diabetes sufferers in vivo insulin-producing cells in the pancreas has been completely damaged, and thus completely lost insulin-producing function. Absolute lack of insulin in the body and circumstances, can cause blood sugar levels continue to rise, there diabetes.

Causes of type 1 diabetes mellitus

Their own immune system deficiencies: Because the blood of patients with type 1 diabetes can be found a variety of autoimmune antibodies, such as glutamic acid decarboxylase antibody (gad antibody), islet cell antibodies (ica antibody) and so on. These abnormal antibodies can damage the body's own insulin-secreting pancreatic islet b cells, so they can not normally secrete insulin.

Genetic factors: the current research suggests that the genetic defect is the incidence of type 1 diabetes based on the performance of the genetic defect in the human sixth chromosome abnormalities on the antigens of the hla. Scientist's research suggests that: 1 The onset of diabetes with a family characteristic - if your parents have diabetes, then compared to those with no such family history, you are more susceptible to disease.

Virus infection may be contributory factors: that you may not surprise many scientists suspect that the virus can also cause i diabetes. This is because the onset of diabetes mellitus i period of time before the virus infection is often too, but i diabetes "epidemic" often appears after the virus epidemic. Viruses, such as those causing mumps and rubella virus, as well as the Coxsackie virus can cause polio, the family, can play a role in the i-type diabetes.

Other factors: such as milk, oxygen free radicals, a number of rodent medicine and so on, these factors can cause diabetes, scientists are studying.

The diagnosis of type 1 diabetes mellitus

A variety of sources of pathogenic factors of insulin shortage, fasting insulin levels fall below the 5μIU/ml (international units) below 1 diabetes.

Diagnosis based on: fasting insulin than 5μIU/ml (international units), fasting blood glucose Chaoguo 6. 8mmol / L (mmol) diagnosed with type 1 diabetes for more.

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