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The principle of gestational diabetes diet

Updated: Monday, Nov 23,2009, 3:00:32 PM
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Gestational diabetes diet control purposes are: to provide the mother and the fetus of adequate calories and nutrients, so that the mother and the fetus can be appropriately increase the weight, in line with the ideal blood glucose control, prevention of toxemia of pregnancy and to reduce premature birth, abortion and the occurrence of dystocia.

Nutritional needs of pregnant women, the same as normal, only to be more attention to calorie intake, the distribution of nutrient ratios and the distribution of meals. In addition, should avoid sweets and high-oil food intake and increase dietary fiber.

The principle of one, pay attention to energy requirements

In early pregnancy without special energy, in the latter part of the heat required to be in accordance with pre-pregnancy, and then increased by 300 kcal / day. Because weight loss may cause mother's body ketones increase in adverse effects on the fetus, it is not appropriate to lose weight during pregnancy.

Principle 2 Note that the distribution of meals

In order to maintain stable blood glucose levels and avoid the occurrence of ketosis, the distribution of meals is very important. Because of an eating large quantities of food will cause a rapid increase in blood glucose, and the mother's body when fasting for too long, easy to produce ketone bodies, it is proposed Shaoliangduocan, the daily intake of food should be divided into 5 to 6 meals. In particular, to avoid the dinner and breakfast the next day the time is too long away, so would like to add bedtime snack.

Principle 3 carbohydrate intake properly

Carbohydrate intake is to provide heat to maintain normal metabolism and to avoid ketones produced. Should not be mistaken do not eat starch to control blood sugar or weight, and completely without food; but should try to avoid the additions of sucrose, sugar, fructose, glucose, rock sugar, honey, maltose of sugary drinks and sweets, can be avoided after the meal rapid increase in blood sugar. If necessary add a little sugar substitute, but it should be the use of fetal harmless Acesulfame K. We recommend that you try to select a high fiber content is not refined staple foods may be more conducive to the control of blood sugar, such as: brown rice or grains of rice instead of white rice, choose whole grain bread or buns and so on. Of pregnant women with gestational diabetes high blood sugar the morning, so breakfast starch content of food must be less.

Principle 4 focus on protein intake

If you have already pre-pregnancy intake of adequate nutrition, then the early pregnancy without an increase in protein intake, pregnancy, mid-late day, the need to increase the amount of each protein 6 grams, 12 grams, half of which required physical value from the high-protein, such as: egg , milk, dark red meat, fish and soy milk, tofu and other soy products. The best drink for at least two cups of milk a day to get enough calcium, but do not drink milk, when in order to avoid high blood sugar.

Principle 5 should pay attention to fats and oils

Vegetable oil-based cooking oil in order to reduce the deep-fried, fried, crisp the food and animal skin, fat and so on.

The principle of fiber intake of more than 6

In the context of intake of weight, multi-consumption of high fiber foods, such as: rice, brown rice or grains instead of white rice to increase the intake of vegetables, eat fresh fruit juice drink Erwu, so can delay the increase of blood sugar to help the blood sugar The control will also have more satiety. But do not be an unlimited number of eating fruit.


Check out the many mothers with gestational diabetes who, because finally get through many of the early symptoms of pregnancy, are we prepared to strengthen the food to provide nutrients when the fetus was not allowed arbitrarily to eat, will feel both worried and frustrated. In fact, the diet of pregnant women with gestational diabetes and pregnant women in general similar to, but need to control the daily and eating every meal intake, and closely observe the weight, if necessary, shall be in accordance with physician instructions to do self-blood glucose monitoring, Ketone test. Hard to control and patience are aimed at all prospective mother and baby's health and safety, you will find it very worthwhile, and will also be proud of their perseverance!

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