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The Selection of Acupuncture Points

Updated: Friday, Mar 27,2009, 3:04:25 PM
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There are points that can be used to disperse the invasion of specific pathogens, such as cold or heat and, judging by the recent work of Chinese research, it appears that the items used to disperse the heat to reduce fever . These points of dispersal of pathogens is mainly based on practical experience, and they are part of the basic grammar of acupuncture.

The diagnosis of a particular problem should not tell where to place the acupuncturist acupuncture needle. A set of therapeutic rules must be applied to solve this problem. To a large extent, all medical systems are based on clinical experience of acupuncture is no exception to this rule, the rules governing the selection is therefore based on a combination of empirical and philosophical concepts, the 'clinical experience.

The point of other selection rules are many and varied, for example, points can be selected on the basis of the law of five elements. This law requires that each organ is one of the five elements in Chinese traditional thinking (earth, fire, water, metal and wood). They have a cycle of creation and destruction.

On each of these channels there are points which are one of these elements and by applying a complex set of rules, the body can be patient under sedation (if it is too) tonified or (if is insufficient). There are also points on the back and front of the body, which represent the organs, and these too can be used to treat the bodies represented when they are sick. There is a plethora of these rules, which is applied under specific conditions and at specific times. The problem of the acupuncturist is to identify some points which will be in a better state. The skills from the point of selection is primarily based on clinical experience, the rules for selection of points to give guidance, even if they are not the complete answer.

The use of specific points
Why is it that acupuncture need this kind of diagnosis and treatment methods7 Why not use all the acupuncture points at the same time? It would seem logical that if a point acupuncture help, then two will help even more, and if all points are used, the patient is required to do better!

The doctor of the West, sometimes assume that "more is better." If a drug does not provide therapeutic benefit or side effects to a given dose, the May double the dose and the patient is likely improve. The traditional Chinese medicine which involves a small momentum is probably more effective than a large one. Biological systems do not seem to respond to small stimuli, for example, a small change in the ecology of a chain food can be amplified to cause significant damage to another animal species in this environment. The focus of acupuncture therapy is to select a minimum number of acupuncture points to give the body a specific stimulus , as appears to result in a better therapeutic response.

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