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Spleen ts main physiological functions and indicators

Updated: Friday, Mar 27,2009, 2:34:35 PM
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The spleen is located in the middle jiao (abdominal cavity). Its main physiological functions and indicators are: (1) governing the transport and processing, (2) the testing of blood, (3) dominate the muscles and the four members, (4) opening the mouth, lips and dyed.
The spleen has an interior and exterior in relation to the stomach.

If the rate of transmission and processing of sound and functions are the functions of digestion, absorption and transport works normally. On administration of transport and processing This function includes the transport and transformation of water and essential nutrients.

Otherwise, abdominal distension, diarrhea, fatigue, emaciation, malnutrition, and other symptoms occur in May
The spleen is also involved in the metabolism of water. When the spleen transports nutrients, it distributes the water at the same time in all tissues of the body to perform its functions of food and humidification. From the spleen, water is also sent to the excreted by the kidneys and bladder. The whole process of distribution and metabolism of water is jointly produced by the lungs of the dispersion and descending functions of the spleen and transportation and processing functions. If the spleen fails to transport and transform the water, it will lead to various pathological changes. If water accumulates inside the body, it will turn into an inflammation of mucus (phlegm-humor), if it is kept in the skin and muscles, there is swelling (edema), if the retention water in the intestines, it causes diarrhea, if it is in the abdominal cavity, it causes fluid accumulation in severe (ascites). Suwen As he says, ... different types of diseases caused by moisture swelling and fullness belong to the spleen.

Since the functions of transport and processing of essential nutrients and water are closely related, their pathological manifestations often accompany each other.

Control of blood

The spleen regulates blood flow in blood vessels. If there is a gap in the qi of the spleen, while its function of controlling the blood loss and blood circulates outside the vessels. This is demonstrated by various hemorrhagic symptoms and chronic diseases such as uterine bleeding.

To control the blood, spleen uses ying (nutrient) qi, a form of blood qi, it produces. Qi acts as the commander of blood and at the same time, preserve the blood. Therefore, hemorrhagic symptoms and diseases caused by the failure of the spleen to control blood are the results of qi does not store the blood.

Dominant muscles and four members

The rate of transport and processing of nutrients to feed the muscles. If this function is normal, there will be enough nutrition. Any anomaly of the transport and transformation will certainly affect the quality of muscle tissue. The Suwen cases, the spleen is in charge of the muscles.

The movements and the normal functions of the four branches are also closely related to spleen qi. When there is sufficient rate qi, qi yang many distributes nutrients throughout the body so that muscles are well fed, and four members are strong and able to move freely, otherwise if the spleen fails to transform transportation and yang and qi nutrients, there is malnutrition characterized by muscle atrophy, weakness of the four members, etc. Therefore, the establishment of the spleen is the usual clinical treatment wei syndromes four members.

Opening in the mouth and lips Complexion

The appetite and the sense of taste are closely linked to transportation and processing functions of the spleen. If these features are in good health, then it will be good appetite and normal sense of taste. If these functions are abnormal, there will be a lack of appetite. A sweet taste and fat in the mouth is wet caused by obstruction of the spleen. Suwen As he says, Spleen qi is in communication with the mouth, and when the functions of the spleen harmonious, the mouth will be able to taste the flavors of the five grains.

Since the spleen dominates the muscles and opens into the mouth, the strength or weakness of the transport and processing functions are reflected in the lips. If the spleen qi is not healthy, these functions will be abnormal, a situation which is characterized by yellowish and lusterless lips.

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