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Quit smoking asthmatic patients healthier

Updated: Friday, Nov 20,2009, 10:11:36 PM
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Why quit smoking?

Quitting smoking is already all over the world are all the publicity thing, but only when you truly want to quit, when in order to personally experience to its role. The following are the common benefits of quitting smoking:

1, can extend life span.

2, can promote health. Smoking can increase the risk of lung cancer, throat cancer, emphysema, high blood pressure, heart disease, ulcerative disease and risk of dental caries, but also make asthma worse.

3, to improve quality of life. Smoking is often caused by cough and sore throat. These symptoms, while not fatal, but often to their own life and work to bring a certain extent. At the same time, smoking can reduce the person's motor function.

4, has a better appearance of the image. Smoking can increase facial wrinkles, yellowed teeth and reduce skin elasticity.

5, enhance the taste and smell functions.

6, thereby saving money.

How to quit smoking?

In fact, no one can simultaneously fit all the way for smoking cessation in patients with asthma. A number of integrated projects to quit smoking sometimes more effective. Next may be consulted there are similar around the person or community projects, a few people together and encourage mutual supervision can achieve better results.

When you're ready to quit smoking, the first should develop a plan, and then strictly enforced, the following suggestions might be able to help you:

1, select a date to quit, and began to prepare.

2, think and write when you start smoking, and smoking because of what the reason. Perhaps, you think to find smoking through self-motivation, and through self-analysis and self-suggestion to help break the addiction.

3, reflection and a record of your smoking, in general do. Try in different situations and environments smoking in order to get rid of smoking and a particular thing or event links.

4, write down your reasons for quitting, and continually to make their own hints and encouragement.

5, looking to replace smoking activities. When you want to smoke when doing other things to divert their attention.

6, you can try a number of smoking cessation products. Some people will feel a significant effect, but some people will think there is no much use, and all vary. Some alternative products may contain ingredients of tobacco (such as: nicotine), so the best advice before using the attending doctor's recommendations.

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