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Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis

Updated: Friday, Jan 15,2010, 10:50:26 AM
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Pancreatic cancer earlier lack of specific clinical manifestations, the early emergence of suspicious symptoms should be carefully analyzed and the relevant inspection. 40 years of age, a few months to six months, brought to continuing abdominal pain discomfort; 40 years of age, neither fat nor family history, while the sudden pancreatitis or diabetes; intermittent pain in the lower abdomen or lower back discomfort, gastrointestinal barium meal examination was normal, excluding the gastrointestinal tract or the liver and gallbladder disease patients; unexplained weight loss, weight loss, more than 10%, or those who showed obstructive jaundice should be suspected to have pancreatic cancer may be.

    Must rely on physical and chemical examination, the examination should be carried out in order on the first ultrasound. If they can not show disease, when conditions permit, can be used for CT, MRI, if found to have a large pancreatic mass, it would be carried out under ultrasound or CT-guided fine-needle biopsy to attract. That have a variety of symptoms, signs, and confirmed by the various inspections of the suspected persons are still unable to advocate laparotomy as soon as possible to understand the size and spread of cancer metastasis, and strive to radical surgery, or prolong patient survival time and relieve suffering, in order to further to create conditions for combining Chinese and Western medicine treatment.

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