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Medicine Diseases Of The Bladder

Updated: Monday, Jun 29,2009, 5:31:00 PM
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Abnormal urine may be occurred on the basis of immoderate intake of food il and drink, overeating of salty and sweet foods, plus an irregular daily life, prolonged stay in damp places, leading to disturbances of rlung, mkhris pa and i badkan. Manifestations: in astringent urination, there will be a burning pain and is prickly pain during micturation; in anuria, the symptoms are varied, and there may be complete blockage of micturation, difficult urination or dripping urination, or even hematuria, spermaturia; for frequent micturation, there will be turbid urine that attracts flies, along with increasing emaciation, lassitude, a feeling of heat in the palms and soles; when not well treated, complications such as skin abscesses may occur, and this is fatal to the patient. The latter case resembles consumptive disease in TCM, and diabetes mellitus in biomedicine.

Treatment: For astringent urination, and anuria, a solution of Sal Ammonia  and a Da-yan Powder (Nitrum, Muscovitum fragments from a stream, Semen Malva, Fructus Elettaria, musk, pepper, Piper Longi, dry ginger, Fructus Mangifera.

There are several kinds of syndrome manifestations in bladder disorders, namely, astringent urination, anuria and frequent urination. In Tibetan medicine,  it is claimed that the urinary bladder connects with the small intestine through is small passages, which are the passages for urine.

Fructus Syzygii, Semen Calsalpinia, Resina Boswellia stramenia, snail shell) can be given; Shi-wei-dou-kou Powder (Fructus Elettaria, dry ginger, sallucitum, Piper Longi, Rhizona Phlomis, Semen Malva, Fructus Mangifera, Frutus Syzygii, Semen Calsalpina, swallowed with sugar) or Shi-wei-he-zi Powder (Fructus Terminalia chebula, Flos Carthami, Fructus Elettaria, Feces Ochotona erythrotis, herba Swertia purpurascens, Fructus Canavalia, Folium Symplocos, Radix Rubra, Secretion of Lacifer lacca Kerr., Folium Sabina, plus sugar) can be given; for frequent micturation, Rhizoma Curcuma, Herba Collorium, Fructus Phyllanthi, Fructus Tribulus prepared as powder for decocting, can be administered over a long period. Another recipe is made with dry Fructus Terminalia chebula, Fructus Terminalia bellirica, and Fructus Phyllanthi under
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