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Exercise in patients with asthma Note

Updated: Friday, Nov 20,2009, 10:15:54 PM
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Exercise in patients with asthma is security?

Comprehensive treatment of asthma measures, an important objective is to develop a healthy lifestyle. Of course, this includes the appropriate physical exercise. According to doctor's recommendations, rules, taking drugs, to avoid the risk factors of asthma and detection of lung function can better control asthma. If the developed asthma control plan so that you can not participate in physical exercise, you can share with a doctor about. A small change, releasing a little for exercise, for asthma control is useful.

Patients with asthma for what kind of activities?

Most patients with asthma in the absence of disease at all times to accept some moderate-intensity exercise, such as volleyball, gymnastics, cricket and wrestling. They for some high-intensity exercise is less tolerance, such as long-distance running, soccer and hockey and so on. At the same time, which do not fit to participate in some winter sports, such as: ice hockey, skiing and skating and so on.

Swimming, although a higher intensity exercise, but still belongs to the majority of asthma patients can afford the scope, because it is usually in a mild and humid environment. In addition, it is well to maintain the shape of the project.

Some other suitable exercise in patients with asthma include: indoor cycling, outdoor cycling, aerobics, walking and jogging.

The use of asthma patients how to exercise intensity?

In general, in the absence of asthma symptoms when 4-5 times a week to keep the movement, and at least 30 minutes each time. Of course, the best to consult your attending doctor, according to their own status in order to adjust the plan.

In the movement, how do I prevent asthma attack?

(1) before exercise, pay attention to make full warm-up exercise.

(2), after the campaign finished, let the body slowly cooling, rather than fast.

(3) In the winter, the best use of indoor sports.

(4) If you have allergies, then the pollen season and a serious air pollution in time to try to avoid outdoor exercise.

(5) When you are cold when the rest and pay attention to restrictions on movements.

(6) they have to grasp the intensity of exercise, each person has an appropriate degree and quantity of their own.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is particularly important for the physical and mental health. Remember: Do not asthma as an excuse for not exercising. In the asthma symptoms do not attack when the sport is an important control plan a part.

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