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Eating Greasy Food Lead To Kidney Disease

Updated: Monday, Jun 29,2009, 5:23:47 PM
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There are various types of stomach diseases. Among them, stomach wind manifests itself in distension of the epigastric region, nausea and vomiting, severe stomachache, diarrhea and borborygmus; intoxication of tile stomach manifests itself in indigestion, loss of appetite, vomiting right after a meal, nausea and vomiting with clear fluid, followed by emaciation; stomach flaccidity manifests itself in belching, vomiting fight after eating greasy food, lassitude, all the symptoms ameliorated after drinking liquor.                               

The diseases of the stomach are basically due to immoderate intake of food and drink, indigestion, plus the invasion of cold and damp pathogen and overstrain.

Treatment: For kidney wind, in addition to the treatment for rlung disorders, mild catharsis can be administered along with moxibustion at 14th para-vertebraI points. For kidney heat, Shi-wei-ke-zi Powder (Fructus Terminalia chebula Flos Carthami, Fructus Elettaria, Feces Ochotona erythrotis, Herba Swertia purpurascens, Semen Canavaliaensi formis, Folium Symplocos, Radix Rubra,  Radix Onosma and Folium Sabina), is swallowed with sugar, accompanied by! bloodletting at "Zhuanduan" and "Dachang" (large intestine) vessels. For kidney bi-syndrome, catharsis with Fructus Terminalia chebula and white grapes, plus warm bathing, medication with Shi-wei-ke-zi Powder and bloodletting at "Dachang" (Large Intestine) and "Zhuanduan" vessels are best suited to the condition.

Treatment: For stomach wind syndrome, a powder made of Resina Ferula, halitum, pepper, Semen Punica, should be swallowed with crude brown sugar rocks, plus fomentation with sesame residue cake and moxibustion at the 12th vertebra. For stomach intoxication, emesis is administered by giving a powder made of Rhizoma Euphorbia, Fructus Anemone, Radix Ligularia, and sallucidum, and then followed by an oral powder composed of Radix Inula, Ramulus Rubus, Fructus Elettaria, Flos Carthumi and Flos Eugenia swallowed with sugar; for stomach flaccidity, a powder made of Fructus Terminalia chebula, Fructus Nigella, Cortex Cinnamon, alkaline ash from Fructus Hipphophae rhamnoides, fried ash of the horn from goat, wild ox etc., Sal Ammonica and Piper Longi can be given, swallowed with brown sugar.

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