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Diabetes and autoimmune

Updated: Monday, Nov 23,2009, 1:57:42 PM
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Q: Diabetes patients with autoimmune related to do?

At present, the medical workers, based on diabetes epidemiology, pathology, serology and so many of the research data shows that diabetes is closely related to the pathogenesis of autoimmunity, particularly in insulin-dependent diabetes (type 1 diabetes) and autoimmune relationship more closely, based on the following:

1. In type I diabetes, the incidence in the 6 months as a result of ketoacidosis deaths, autopsies found that the majority of patients in and around the islet lymphocyte infiltration in insulitis pathological changes, accompanied by mouth-cell degranulation of the damage and the phenomenon of pathological changes of tips and auto-immune related, and this change in insulitis through the epidemiology and pathology has been linked to certain viral infections caused by autoimmune related. About 50% ~ 70% of the I-diabetic patients with such pathological changes of islet inflammation, suggesting that type I diabetes and autoimmune related.

2. In the normal population of anti-islet cell antibodies (1CA) The positive rate of only 0.5% -1.7%; Ⅱ diabetic ICA-positive rate of about 5%, however; while I diabetes mellitus was significantly higher positive rate of ICA. Anti-islet cell antibodies (1CA) an IgG immunoglobulin, serum illustrate the ICA-positive islet cells for the presence of the autoimmune response, this reaction results can cause extensive destruction of b cells and precipitating diabetes, and most of insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. In the UK in early age of 16 were positive for diabetes up to 85%, while all I diabetes positive rate of 38%. United States 594 cases of type I diabetes, the ICA-positive rate was 33%. ICA as the duration of decline, according to Lendrum reported: I diabetes within one year after diagnosis ICA-positive rate was 60%, 2 to 5 years to 20%, 10 ~ 20 years at 5%, and normal control group was 0.5%. The serological test of tips I diabetes and autoimmune related.

3. Diabetes, especially type I diabetes, not only serum antibodies against insulin-secreting cells but also a variety of specific antibodies against its own organs, such as anti-thyroid cell antibodies 2-4 times higher than normal, anti-adrenal antibody rare in the normal population, whereas in diabetic patients is about 30 times the non-diabetic persons.

4. Diabetic patients or their relatives, often accompanied by other autoimmune diseases, such as: diffuse goiter with hyperthyroidism, chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis, primary hypothyroidism, primary adrenocortical hypofunction (A spade Sen disease), myasthenia gravis, pernicious anemia, these diseases are related to auto-immune related.

In short, the above studies have shown that the incidence of diabetes and autoimmune related, but the origin of the immune response caused by dynamic factors and the relationship between genetic factors and to be further clarified.

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